· September, 2007

Stories about Kenya from September, 2007

Kenya: Kenyan kids on politics and tribalism

  25 September 2007

Sue notes that Kenyan kids are influenced by political discussions in the country: When new political parties are formed, they know it is for which tribe. It was just the other day I heard very young boys saying: “We ni wa ODM si wewe ni mjaluo (You are an ODM...

Africa: United States of Mobile Africa

  25 September 2007

Kenny writes, “Politicians fail, technologies prevail“: Celtel, MTN and Vodacom are just three of a growing band of African operators tearing down national boundaries to allow their customers seamless mobility as they travel from country-to-country.

Corporate blogging the Kenyan elections

  25 September 2007

Kenya’s largest newspaper, Daily Nation, has launched a new online platform that focuses coverage of the 2007 general elections. The interactive platform is a work in process that will include top stories, blog posts, and multimedia content.

World Reaction to the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights

  24 September 2007

In every society in which they find themselves, the world's 370 million indigenous peoples are among the most vulnerable and marginalized. After over 22 years of negotiations and consultations, the United Nations approved the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples earlier this month, a broad, non-binding agreement articulating basic...

Environment: Green Views from Africa

  21 September 2007

Can you be a fan of Top Gear, cool looking fast cars and…the environment? What blogging event is slated for October 15th this year? What happens to all the computers donated to Africa? This week the answers to these uncommonly asked questions come from several bloggers out of Africa. Image...

Kenya: Information theft and office raids in Kenyan politics

  14 September 2007

Jesse Masai writes about office raids and information theft in Kenyan politics: “The way I see it, information management and control is going to be one of the most decisive battle-points in this year’s elections at all levels, – all the way from the presidential to the civil polls.”

Kenya: Blogging the Kenyan Parliament

  4 September 2007

An eye of the Kenyan Parliament: “During the week, election fever continued to paralyze Parliament sessions with questions being dropped for lack of MPs to float them and ministers to respond. For instance on Wednesday August 29, 2007, during the morning session, no question listed in the Order Paper was...