· April, 2008

Stories about Kenya from April, 2008

Kenya: Mobile TV

  30 April 2008

Mobile TV arrives in Kenya: “Safaricom has partner with DSTV to provide Mobile TV to their subscribers. Mobile TV is a technology that allows people to view regular live television content on their mobile phones or other mobile devices that they get through traditional cable or pay TV subscriptions at...

Africa: Sleeping giants

  30 April 2008

Bankelele wonders whether Africa has to reform or develop: “Rwanda is on the fast path to being an ICT powerhouse. They may get there, but we have the beach, undersea cable etc. – all we have to do is wait to benefit from them. Uganda and Sudan have oil –...

Kenya: ICT and democratic processes

  30 April 2008

ICT, democratic processes and empowerment in Kenya: “There were varied topics and speakers, but I was very impressed by the presentations of two Kenyan women who are at the forefront of impacting ICT policy and enhancing innovative ways of using the Internet for networking. They are Alice Munyua and Ory...

Uganda: Ten Things I want Explained

  30 April 2008

Ten Things Ugandan Imsoniac wants explanation: “Why Andrew Mwenda is arrested and it makes international headlines and yet when 13 journalists in radio stations around the country were (between January and March this year) arrested for doing their jobs, publicly threatened by politicians and sacked for speaking the truth it...

Kenya/Nigeria/South Africa: Top Visited Sites

  21 April 2008

Collins highlights 10 most visited websites in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa: “Its interesting which sites are most visited by African surfers on the internet.One thing for certain though is that we are visiting more foreign based websites than local site!That is quite informative especially for investors in the Advertisement...

Trinidad & Tobago, USA, Africa, Italy: Religion & Politics

  16 April 2008

Notes from Port of Spain weighs in on everything from the Pope's visit to the US: “It's not enough for the Pope to be ‘ashamed’ of his American paedophile priests…he also has to do something about them” to international politics: “It's a lesson to every crook in office or aspiring...

Kenya/Tanzania: Tanzanians prevented from buying Safaricom shares

  10 April 2008

Bankelele writes about “regional IPO tales”: “…while Uganda and Rwanda have joined thousands of Kenyans embracing the investment vehicle that is the Safaricom IPO, it appears the Bank of Tanzania is preventing Tanzanians from buying shares in Safaricom through the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange.”

Africa: Idols Africa

  10 April 2008

Siasa Duni reviews Idols Africa: “If Idols Africa won’t bring us the “next big thing” it promises, then it has succeeded beyond doubt in riskily exposing us to Africa’s deadly talent, in addition to the biggest bunch of weirdos in African television history since Ofunneka drunkenly shagged Richard’s leg on...

Kenya: Cabinet talks suspended

  8 April 2008

Phil writes about the recent development in Kenya cabinet talks: “Tension is steadily building around the country following the collapse of talks between PNU and ODM towards the formation of a grand coalition cabinet. The PNU have outrightly rejected ODM's demands for certain cabinet portfolios while the ODM had announced...

Kenya: SMS political campaign

  8 April 2008

Political use of mobile technology in Kenya: “Kenyans for Peace and Justice (KPTJ) have launched a SMS campaign to urge politicians to fight against a bloated Cabinet. Given the current impasse, there is still an opportunity to urge OUR elected representatives to stop being selfish and to put the nation’s...

Kenya: Digital Villages Project

  3 April 2008

Al Kags writes about digital villages project: “The project to launch digital villages across the Kenya has kicked of with the Kenya ICT Board calling for applications for entrepreneurs who would like to run digital villages to apply for the training support, which is phase 1 of the Digital Villages...