· February, 2007

Stories about Kenya from February, 2007

Kenya: 2007 election websites

  22 February 2007

Mzalendo: Eye On Kenyan Parliament has a short piece about websites designed to cover the general election in Kenya later this year, “It seems like there will be a plethora of websites cropping up to cover the 2007 elections. ”

Kenya: the battle for Africa Online

  21 February 2007

Bankele writes about the battle for Africa Online, “Telkom (South Africa) looks to emerge the winner in the battle for Africa Online after the African Lakes board (parent company) have accepted Telkom (SA)’s bid of £9.72 million (£25 per share) beating out Africa Telecoms Company (ATC) [which comprised Wananchi Online,...

Kenya: political dynasties

  18 February 2007

A blog dedicated to the 2007 general election in Kenya, A Political Kenya in 2007, has a post about Kenya's political dynasties, “Political dynasties have become a fairly permanent feature in Kenyan politics and this year’s election is not without its long list of members of the same family seeking...

Kenya: solar concentrator

  15 February 2007

Afromusing blogs about solar concentrator (Sun Flower), “This is one product I am looking forward to testing it in Kenya once it becomes available, mainly because it is cost effective, and suitable for those wishing to still be tied to the electricity grid, but supplement their energy needs or even...

Kenya: remembering Robert Ouko

  13 February 2007

You missed This writes about the 15th anniversary of Robert Ouko‘s murder, “You see the list of people who have died to stop the truth over the Ouko murder ever coming out is rather lengthy and includes several clear cases of poisoning. For example former police commissioner Philip Kilonzo who...

Who is visiting Africa?

  9 February 2007

Chinese President Hu Jintao is on a 10-day-visit to Africa now. Many state-owned news media such as Xinhua News Agency and People’s Daily, headline his visit on their websites’ front page almost everyday. His tour has also attracted attention from Chinese netizens. The Chinese government regards Hu’s visit as a...