· June, 2007

Stories about Kenya from June, 2007

Kenya: Defending citizen media

  15 June 2007

Mental Acrobatics defends bloggers’ coverage of the recent bomb explosion in Kenya: “I would argue that it is stories like this that rather than showing the danger of blogs, HIGHLIGHT the importance of blogs and other citizen media.”

Africa: Blogging TED Global

  15 June 2007

Africa's business blogosphere is known for being many things: Diverse Analytical Funny Engaging And the list could go on and on. But one thing that it is not generally known for is uniformity. During the historic week of June 4 – 8, 2007, however, this was all to change –...

Kenya: Nairobi bomb explosion: God blinked

  12 June 2007

“If there is a god then the speck of dust on his eye that is Nairobi must have gotten too big. This morning he blinked. A product of the nineties, my fondest memories of my childhood include sneaking out of home to watch Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude van Damme movies...

Kenya: Kenyan bank website hacked

  9 June 2007

Kenya-Byte writes about the Kenyan bank whose website was hacked recently: “Equity Bank’s website was defaced last week. Safaricom’s website is suspiciously unavailable. There is some mischief going around. The cracker who defaced Equity’s site might not have caused serious loss to the bank apart from denting the reputations of...

Africa: solar is the future of Africa

  6 June 2007

Afromusing writes about local solar and wind energy in Africa: “He had a powerful graph showing how 85% of Kenya (africa?) is not connected to the grid. The striking thing about Mr. Mwacharo’s company is the use of locally available materials and labor to create the systems. The inverters are...

Africa: Google hires first African

  6 June 2007

“Google hires first African employee,” declares White African: “Joseph Mucheru has been named the new site lead for Google Kenya. This was whispered to be happening, but at today’s Google lunch at TEDGlobal the position was made official by Francoise Brougher, Director of Google Business Opportunities.”

Africa: appropriate technologies for activists

  2 June 2007

Sokari Ekine's notes from the conference on mobile activism in Africa, which took place in Kenya recently: “The afternoon session was a musical chairs of Geek Dating with 10 “products” on new technologies that would be appropriate for activists. All the software are open source…”

Kenya: SMS and politics in Kenya

  2 June 2007

assidous on SMS and politics in Kenya: “This is an SMS that landed in my cellphone yesterday. I thought i would share it out. It came in Kikuyu and i took time to translate it for you: TRANSLATION: Hi, how is your day? May the Lord protect you from the...