· June, 2008

Stories about Kenya from June, 2008

Kenya: E-Commerce Competitiveness

  19 June 2008

Al Kags writes about the ICT Public Panel for e-commerce Competitiveness in Kenya: The purpose of the ICT Public Panel for ecommerce competitiveness was to look at all the issues that relate to the ecommerce framework in Kenya that will make kenya competitive from an ecommerce perspective.

Africa: Is PayPal effective in Africa?

  19 June 2008

Collins asks “Is PayPal effective in Africa?”: I believe that maybe Paypal does not recognize the potential and opportunities available in Africa and it is time we trumpeted this cause and let them know they are loosing out and costing us!

Kenya: Only Kenyans…

  19 June 2008

Only Kenyans: 1. Are engaged for 5 years or more, 2.Never bother to divorce, they just separate, 3.Are late to church, work, and everything else, EXCEPT when the disco is free before 9pm, 4.Refer to diabetes as “SUGAR”, 5.Show up at weddings, showers, graduation, birthday parties with a new outfit...

Kenya: Notoriety Index

  19 June 2008

Kenyan Notoriety Index: Members of Parliament- Nothing good can be said of these people. They know how to debate on many issues concerning how to raise their money, how to use their money and how to have money after they leave parliament. Very progressive indeed.

Kenya: Update from online charity

  16 June 2008

An update from AVIF volunteers in Kenya: Just a quick update from the Mercy Home to fill you all in on our visit and show you how all the money you have donated has helped improve the Mercy Home and provide a better life for all the girls here.

Africa: Technology events in Africa

  16 June 2008

A list of technology events taking place in Africa from White Africa: “I’m starting to compile a list of interesting technology events happening around the continent. If this ends up being useful, I’ll create a page to keep it updated. Let me know if you like it, or if there...

Kenya: Jobsearching using mobile phone

  15 June 2008

Ethan writes about Kazi560, a jobsearching service via mobile phone in Kenya: “Unemployment is a major problem in Kenya, especially in informal settlements. A creative solution, called Kazi560, is having great success matching blue-collar workers with jobs via SMS. If you’re a laborer, you can spend an amazing amount of...

Kenya: Nairobi BarCamp 08

  10 June 2008

Ismail writes about Nairobi BarCamp 08 sponsored by ushahidi.com: “Some of the topics covered may be: * Local mapping (Open Streetmap, Green Map, etc.), * Blogging tools and trends, * Mobile phone apps (Android in Africa, FrontlineSMS and RapidSMS), * Using Google’s App Engine for building web and mobile services,*...

Kenya: The amnesty monster

  10 June 2008

Kumekucha joins the amnesty debate in Kenya: With the two PRINCIPALS taking diametrically opposing stands on the matter, amnesty may as well stand out as the single issue that will determine the gestation period of the Government of Grand Coalition.

Kenyan bloggers on Kenya's most famous son, Barack Obama

  10 June 2008

Kenya's most famous son! Great day for Kenya! Duel of the century! These were some of the headlines that Kenyan newspapers ran a day after Barrack Obama clinched the Democratic Party nomination. The electronic media also kicked into a frenzy, asking Kenyans to predict whether Obama will win. The Kenyan blogosphere also went on with the debate.

Tanzania: Tanzanian search engine

  6 June 2008

White African spots two new East African websites: “Bongoza is a new search engine for Tanzania. I’m intrigued by this idea of a niche search engine by country. Usually I would think that the big search engines would do an adequate job for any area, however it might be different...

Kenya: President who rode in a crowded bus

  6 June 2008

Kumekucha writes about Barack Obama and Kenya: “I will not pretend to even understand the Obama phenomenon. I leave that to more informed writers than myself. But for this post, I want to talk about just a few of the Kenyan things that tickle me most about an Obama presidency....

Kenya: Kenyan blogs in the media

  6 June 2008

Collins writes about the power blogging in Kenya: “More than that i have received a request for a TV interview on one of Kenya's new popular tv business channels and i feel honored(i promise to upload the video once the interview materializes so watch this space).I recently watched the news...

Mobile Phone Technology for Environmental Activism

  5 June 2008

Mobile phones are becoming an important tool for environmental activists around the world. Activists are developing new technological strategies in order to do things like educate consumers about the impact of purchasing decisions, monitor wildlife and polution levels, and advocate for the protection of forests. A report from the United...

Africa: Time for e-governance has arrived

  4 June 2008

David Kobia discusses e-governance in Africa: “I suppose we can now officially thank government policies in African countries for their failure to expand fixed lines, leading to a projected 22% increase in mobile phone subscribers. 330 million people will own a phone in Africa, in 2008.”

Zimbabwe: Morgan Tsvangirai detained

  4 June 2008

Zimbabwean police have detained the main opposition leader: “We believe that Morgan Tsvangirai is currently being detained in Lupane Police Station. Please call the police station and alert them to the fact that the world is watching.”