· July, 2007

Stories about Kenya from July, 2007

Kenya: Protesters arrested

  31 July 2007

Mzalendo reports the arrest of Kenyan activists who are opposing the proposed Kshs 1.4 billion bonus for MPs: “Finally, we URGE Mzalendo users to support the protest in your own small way by letting your MP know exactly how you feel about the proposed gratuity by leaving them a comment...

Kenya: Kenyan Blogs Webring: A short history

  24 July 2007

The Kenyan Blogs Webring is 3 years old. Daudi Were looks back on its 3 years of existence: “This past year has also been marked by KBW and KBW bloggers being recognised outside our own community and emerging as leaders in some of the most interesting projects that use web...

Kenya: 22 things about Nairobians

  24 July 2007

22 things to ABSOLUTELY love or hate about NAIROBIANS: 1. Nairobians like staring at pregnant women (hate) 2. Nairobians like staring generally (love) can do wonders for your self esteem 3. Nairobians are always in a hurry 4. But if you stare at space, Nairobians will stop and stare with...

Africa: Why the African Digerati can make a difference

  24 July 2007

A reader at Whiteafrica.com leaves a thought provoking comment about development in Africa: “… White African’s point … We can no-longer continue blaming corrupt African government and “evil ” multinationals for Africa’s woes without doing anything about it. Now, at an individual level, we have the very real potential to...

Kenya: video of “Camel Library”

  24 July 2007

A video of “Camel Library” in Garissa, Kenya: “For thouands of years they are trekking though the desert. Now camels in Kenya are bringing books to the ever moving nomadic communities.”

Kenya: model airplane made from scratch

  24 July 2007

A Kenyan man builds a model airplane from scratch: “Phillip Isohe is a metal fabricator in the jua kali, non-traditional industrial sector, in Kenya. In his spare time he builds models of airplanes and buses. This seems to be an extension of what many of us did while growing up...

Kenya: civil disobedience

  24 July 2007

Vitu Vingi Sana writes members of Karengata Association who have refused to pay taxes to the Nairobi City Council: “The members of Karengata (Karen & Langata) Association were fed up of paying taxes for either poor or non-existent services by the Nairobi City Council. So they set up a parallel...

Kenya: Kenyan suprises at All Africa Games 2007

  18 July 2007

Kenya is making its name at All Africa Games 2007 in games many would not have expected: “It wouldn’t sound so bad when you get to know that Kenya’s representatives have been making exploits than never before at the Games in places you would least expect them. Cycling? Swimming? Yes...

Kenya: TIDE: Technology, Innovation, Design, and Everything

  18 July 2007

John Wesonga announces the birth ot TIDE: “About 3 months ago during our company meeting we begun brainstorming about coming up with an event that would bring together techies and web designers in Kenya to discuss and share ideas, out of those discussions TIDE: Technology, Innovation, Design, and Everything was...

Kenya: recipe for Kenyan dish, Mthokoi

  16 July 2007

Try to make the the Kenyan dish, Mthokoi: “Many thanks to Wawuda for sharing this recipe with us. I have prepared this recipe a few times for my family. It seems very simple but the mixture of beans, corn and sweet pepper creates a wonderful flavor that may make you...

Kenya: Kenya offline

  13 July 2007

Rebecca Wanjiku writes about websites of companies in Kenya: “Having a website may be the latest fad for many Kenyan companies, but how many of these websites have relevant information? How many have content that browsers are looking for?”

Africa: women's rights in Africa

  13 July 2007

Black Looks explores the old and new state of women's rights in Africa: “In Kenya the abortion debate went public when a mock tribunal was supposed to be held with 4 women telling their personal stories. Although anti-abortion activists managed to stop the debate the Vice President has come out...

Kenya: Debating the double-edged nature of citizen media

  11 July 2007

Last month, there was an explosion at a downtown bus stop in Nairobi, Kenya. By the time the Kenyan mainstream media reported the incident, Kenyan bloggers had already written about it, posted photos and some of them speculated that the explosion could have been linked to Al-Queida or the outlawed Mungiki sect. Two of the main Kenyan bloggers, Thinkers Rooms and Mental Acrobatics, looked at the performance of Kenyan blogs during this incident from two different and interesting angles. The main question was: what is the role of citizen media in reporting a tragic incident when official statements from the government have not been released and all the facts are not yet known?

Africa: is the United States of Africa already here?

  11 July 2007

Is the United States of Africa already here? Business in Focus asks: “If the idea of creating a United States of Africa is to create wealth, then we may argue that it is already here. What Africa needs is to strengthen existing structures, invest more in ICT and establish structures...

Kenya: Kenyan investment market

  11 July 2007

Bankelele gives us latest information about the Kenyan investment market: “The Kenya Re IPO opens in a week (July 18) and, it's a good time to assess the potential gains for a retail investor who subscribes. While the prospectus is not yet out, all signs are that this will be...

Kenya: wind powered cell phone base stations

  10 July 2007

Afrigadget has a photo with a post about wind powered cell phone base stations: “The company WinAfrique designs and builds hybrid wind and diesel turbine systems for powering cell phone base stations. Kenya’s biggest wireless companies Safaricom and Celtel have contracted with WinAfrique.”

Kenya: understanging ourselves – the Kenyan way

  9 July 2007

Leo Faya writes “Understanding ourselves – the Kenyan way”: “This post is not intended to offend anyone contained in this argument or opinion, these are just my “ruminations” however I think if the readers or the individuals involved in this post take this as constructive criticism them we can start...

Kenya: computer game maker in the news

  4 July 2007

A story about a Kenyan computer game maker, Wesley Kirinya: Since I had done a piece on a Wesley Kirinya, a Kenyan game maker, he had tracked me down. We talked about the future of game designers in Africa. His piece is now published, titled “A ‘Lonely’ Inventor Creates a...

Kenya: crossing the Atlantic to learn social responsibility!

  1 July 2007

Fikirte questions the central theme of the documentary, The Boys of Baraka: “I watched the documentary a few minutes ago and I was left with a big “Huh?” The boys crossed the Atlantic to learn from white Americans about some life-changing virtues in a remote part of Kenya. It really...

Rwanda: Rwanda, Knowledge Economy, and the East African Community

  1 July 2007

Why is Rwanda's membership in the East African Community important to ICT practitioners in the region?: “This is because Rwanda was developing its ICT industry before its regional neighbours had an inkling of the potential and competitive edge ICT gives nations. Rwanda has a knowledge-based economy that is only matched...

Africa: mobile phones are Africa's PC

  1 July 2007

White African sees mobile phones as the primary tool for web access in Africa: “Ever since I first heard someone mention that mobile phones were “Africa’s PC” I was hooked. I still am. My most recent trip to East and Southern Africa has done nothing but confirm my thoughts on...