· March, 2008

Stories about Kenya from March, 2008

Kenya: SLUM-TV

  27 March 2008

African Loft has an article about SLUM-TV in Kenya: “Operating from Mathare, the biggest slum in Kenya, the SLUM-TV was created to document the lives of the people in the slum and to ‘reevaluate’ these lives through the camera.”

Kenya Back to Normal

  27 March 2008

Residents of Nairobi, who were adversaries and concerned about their ethnic background, are now united in attacking the local government minister for changing the public transport routes and forcing people to walk long distances. The ethnic hatred seems to have been pushed aside and now people are pushing a common agenda and pursuing economic survival. Online discussions also reflect the diversity, bloggers are concerned about the Initial Public Offer (IPO) of East Africa's largest and most successful Mobile phone company- Safaricom.

Environment: Pictures of a landfill in Nairobi

  24 March 2008

Kikuyumoja writes to Kenyans, posing the question Dear Nairobians,: “Ever wondered what happens to your *waste*? He posts pictures of a dumping site in a place called ‘Dandora’ in a bid to raise awareness about the environmental impact of improper waste management.

Environment: 14 elephants speared in Amboseli, Kenya

  19 March 2008

Richard Leakey of Wildlife Direct alerts readers to a disturbing occurrence at the Amboseli National Park in Kenya. 14 elephants speared in Amboseli: “…The range of causes of elephant spearing are complex enough — revenge, political protest, self- or crop-protection, delinquency, and, to a lesser extent in Amboseli at least,...

Africa: Hope Supersedes All

  17 March 2008

Women love to share their experiences and express themselves, but no clock will wait for them to sit and share every detail with each other - not even if they do it on their blogs. Life must go on.

Environment: Elephant Culling and Crisis in The Mara

  8 March 2008

In this issue of Global Voices environment, we check in with various blogs around the world. The themes are varied, and some are of global concern with commentary from Kenya about elephant culling in South Africa, commentary from Europe on “Eco-colonialism” in Botswana, Brazil, DRC, Patagonia and other countries. Image...

Kenya: Vote for ushahidi.com

  5 March 2008

Daudi asks his readers to vote for ushahidi.com: “I have lost count of the number of radio and print interviews that have come my way because of interest in the project. Now Ushahidi needs your help again. Ushahidi has been entered in to the $100,000 Netsquared Mashup Challenge for further...

Kenya: Google hosts Skunkworks meeting

  5 March 2008

Bankelele attended Skunkworks meeting hosted by Google in Nairobi: “Skunkworks (blog) meeting yesterday was hosted by (7 month old) Google Kenya, and it was attended by an interesting mix of engineers, webhosts, designers, admins, bloggers and rivals of Google, – who all listened as Google employees explained their aps and...