· July, 2005

Stories about Kenya from July, 2005

Kenya: AIDS conference

28 July 2005

Bankelele attended a conference on HIV/AIDS last week and reports back with some facts and figures.

Balancing Act on African Blogs

  27 July 2005

The current issue of Balancing Act – the leading online newsletter reporting on African telecommunications – leads off with an article on African blogs and features several bloggers who are involved with Global Voices, including Andy Carvin, Kenyan Pundit Ory Okolloh (good luck with the bar exam, Ory!), Sokari Ekine...

Kenya: It was inevitable

26 July 2005

After a fan was killed during a previous World Cup qualifying match, Kenya has been ordered to play its next match in an empty stadium, notes Bankelele.

Kenya: Kenyans protests and massacre

20 July 2005

Black Looks covers protests in Kenya. The main sticking point seems to be that the current President was elected on a platform to reduce presidential powers within 100 days of the election; unfortunately, that was back in 2002.

Kenya: Poor Governance

19 July 2005

Bankelele has a brief rundown of the mismangement charges levied against the Central Bank.

Sub-Saharan Africa Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

African Bullets and Honey was in London on the day of the attack, and concludes that “whenever I think about the scale and importance of the lives of people I love, and then consider those who were killed today, I am forced to conclude that a single human life is...

Sub-Saharan Africa Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

Thinker's Room posts a gedankenexperiment to explain why he feels the way he does about Live 8. A new website dedicated to preventing the return of former military dictator Ibrahim Babangida to Nigeria has been launched, according to Black Looks. Koranteng Ofosu-Amaah, who writes Koranteng's Toli, was interviewed on the...

Sub-Saharan Africa Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

Kenyan Pundit introduces the blog Kenya Today, the first blog by a mainstream Kenyan journalist. At the moment, John Kamau, the author, is in Scotland, covering the G8 summit. On Safari with El Jorgito reports from Kigali that rumors coming out of the Democratic Republic of Congo show a deteriorating...

African Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Debates over the relevance of Live 8 have kept the African blogosphere jumping this weekend. Andrew Heavens of Meskel Square is amazed that “you can't open a British newspaper (or in my case website) at the moment without reading someone's views on Africa”. Onyango Oloo of Kenya Democracy Project has...