· August, 2006

Stories about Kenya from August, 2006

Kenya: Man Gives Deadly Gift To Lover

  30 August 2006

For two hearts in love no price is too much to pay and no gift is too expensive to give. Perhaps, this could be taken to the extreme, where roses are swapped for crawling creatures, all in the name of love. You Missed This EXTRA captures a Romeo’s mood as...

Kenya: “I am African” Aids campaign criticised

  29 August 2006

Mshairi had a dig at a new HIV/Aids fundraising campaign that uses posters of celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow wearing face paint and beads next to the slogan “I am African”. “If she is African, I am Plutonian,” she commented.

Kenya: Praise piles up for Obama visit

  29 August 2006

Whispering Inn joined other Kenyan bloggers welcoming the visit of Barack Obama, the USA's only black senator, to the country. “[Obama has been] chewing out president Kibaki for State-sanctioned corruption, encouraging folks to fight AIDS by getting tested, advocating media freedom at the Standard Newspapers, touring Kibera, and giving a...

Kenya: Thousands flock to see Obama

  28 August 2006

Barack Obama, the USA's only black senator, is visiting his father's Kenyan homeland. “Everyone, and everything, from the man on the street, to livestock, to stray cats and dogs, to insects and grubs, to pond scum all the way down the politicians fell over (it/them)selves to see and shake the...

Kenya: Wedding season hits Nairobi

  28 August 2006

AfroFeminista talks us through the travails of being single during the busy wedding season in Kenya's capital Nairobi. “Why do i feel on a subconscious level like my present experience is invalidated every time someone says they are getting married; having a baby or buying a house?“

African Women This Month

  27 August 2006

Literature, music and blog redesigns are three of the themes in the African women's blogosphere this month. Molara Wood and Mama's Junkyard have both redesigned their blogs. Molara has chosen to stick with blogger.com but takes on a new name, Wordsbody. Mama's Junkyard ungrades to WordPress with a new colour...

Kenya: Emillion lies

  27 August 2006

Foot-In-Mouth on “emillion lies.” Emilio is the name of Mwai Kibaki, the President of Kenya.

Africa: Is the Battle against AIDS Lost?

  23 August 2006

Forum Realisance believes (Fr) former colonial powers and pharmaceutical companies are partially to blame for the AIDS crisis but saves harsher words for Africans and failed African leaders: ” Ignorance and illiteracy reproduce AIDS blindly without the least use for reason. Isn't it sacred and legitimate to protect oneself? Why...