· September, 2006

Stories about Kenya from September, 2006

Africa: renewable technologies

  28 September 2006

Africa Unchained writes, “Karekezi, S…surveys (PDF) the dissemination of renewable technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa…and attempts to evaluate the potential for these technologies to meet the energy needs of Africa’s poor…“

Kenya: making money online

  27 September 2006

Kumekucha writes about the top revenue generating Kenyan website: “In fact many Kenyans blogs and web sites have taken full advantage of innovative online revenue generating tools. Top on the list of online revenue generators has to be the amazing Google Adsense pay per click (ppc) programme. The Adsense program...

Africa: Moving on from the digital indaba

  25 September 2006

Meskel Square on “Moving on from the Digital Indaba“: “Overall it was a huge success. One way of judging that is to look at all the discussions that are still carrying on in posts and comments and Technorati links. The discussions started with the race debate which I now wish...

Kenya: what Kenyans are saying about Odinga

  23 September 2006

Kumekucha Kisumu writes about Raila Odinga, the leading opposition politician in Kenya, “In Luo Nyanza Raila has cultivated a cult of personality that is the envy of many a politician. This cult has spawned myths that elevates Raila almost to the level of luo legends like Gor Mahia and Lwanda...

Africa: digital citizen indaba controversy

  23 September 2006

It is most likely that the organizers of the Digital Citizen Indaba on Blogging in South Africa did not anticipate the controversy that has dominated the African blogosphere for about two weeks now. The controversy, for the most part, has centred around the words, African and indaba. Indaba is a...

Kenya: is John Githongo a blogger?

  21 September 2006

Does Githongo have a blog?, asks Kenyan Entrepreneur. He also shares his views about the meeting between the American President, George Bush, and the Tanzanian President, Jakaya Kikwete, early this week.

Kenya: does the government want to control commission on human rights?

  21 September 2006

Kenyan Pundit posts a press release by the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights regarding allegations of corruption within the commission. It begins: “For many months, the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR) has been aware of machinations by powerful State actors to weaken, control or close down the...

Kenya: “political instability”

  21 September 2006

African Affairs comments on the recent meeting between the Presidents of Tanzania and the US where the issue of “Kenya's political instability” was discussed: “The Monday meeting in New York between Presidents George Bush (US) and Jakaya Kikwete (Tanzania) was only good to a point. The suspect nature of the...

Kenya: ruling elite and younger generation

  18 September 2006

Kumekucha has an idea about what the President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki and his closest aides think of younger generation leaders, “My firm conviction is that the younger generation in this nation will confound critics and rise to the occasion, at this, the nation’s hour of need. It does not...

Kenyan military secrets revealed

  17 September 2006

A Kenyan blogger's reaction to a new published biography of General Lazarus Sumbeiywo, who was the chief negotiator of the Sudan peace process, “It is rapidly emerging that the new biography released by General Lazarus Sumbeiywo last week (written by East African Standard journalist Waithaka Waihenya) has many inconsistencies that...

The Maasai – Zulu battle of 2006

  16 September 2006

“One of the sessions covered this week was the controversial EASSy project which appears to have been now reduced to a Kenyan vs. South African affair,” writes Bankele, one of the Digital Citizen Indaba on Blogging participants.

Kenya: The president needs Swahili lessons

  16 September 2006

Kenyan Entrepreneur does not think the President of Kenya, Mwai Kibaki, should speak Sheng, which is neither an official nor a national language: “I mean, seriously…he keeps corrupting what is supposed to be the national language!“