· August, 2007

Stories about Kenya from August, 2007

Kenya: Political satire on Facebook

  24 August 2007

Kenyan political satire of Facebook: Kenyan opposition figure Raila Odinga has two facebook profiles. In one of them, his only friend appears to be the very dodgy Artur Margaryan. The other, which seems more likely to be real, says that Raila is ” Raila is Working hard to cement ODMK...

Kenya: New Women's Bank

  22 August 2007

Bankelele writes about a new Women's bank in Kenya: “Women’s Bank: They may not have been able to get special seats in Parliament, but women can count on having their own bank when the Kenya Women's finance trust converts to a commercial bank, probably in 2008. Having a women’s only...

The Global Voices Show #5

  20 August 2007

[display_podcast] Finally, episode 5 of the Global Voices Show! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: Gastronautics – Maldives PodMasti – India J.U.M.P. Radio – Kenya Mideast Youth – Saudi Arabia Budacast – Hungary Africa Files: The Pulse – Zimbabwe The Kimchi Girls – Korea Also featured...

Africa: Is East Africa a literary desert?

  20 August 2007

Are there writers in East Africa?: “For many years we were made to believe that East Africa was a literary desert. Taban lo Liyong said it and regional publishers vindicated him. And they kept him vindicated for many years but we all knew it was an excuse to invest solely...

Climate Change in Africa: Voices From Kenya and Diaspora

  19 August 2007

Part of the discussion about Climate change in Africa has been covered by The Economist, NPR and other publications. On this inaugural post of environment news we read and hear from two voices, one on the continent of Africa through the blog ‘Kenvironews’, and the voice of Dr. Pius Kamau,...

Kenya: Media Bill Faces Public Opposition

  15 August 2007

The Kenyan civil society and human rights groups are protesting against the controversial Media Bill passed by the Kenyan Parliament last week. The Bill is waiting Presidents Mwai Kibaki's assent to become part of the Kenyan law. Kenyan bloggers have been analyzing it, blogging about demonstrations in opposition to the Bill and publishing photos of demonstrators in the streets of Nairobi.

KenyaUnlimited: Gigabytes of Voices, Opinions, Knowledge and News

  14 August 2007

Any discussions about the rise and future of online communities in Africa will be incomplete without mentioning KenyaUnlimited, the home of the Kenyan Blogs Webring (KBW) and Kenyan blogs aggregator.KBW turned three years last month. Since its birth, KBW has been able to bring to a global audience gigabytes of voices, opinions, news, knoweldge and debates from the Kenyan blogosphere.

Kenya: civil society protest

  13 August 2007

Mental Acrobatics marched last week with other Kenyan activists: “On Wednesday afternoon I joined civil society activist in a peaceful march to parliament to present a petition to parliament protesting against the Media Bill passed by parliament which is now awaiting presidential consent and the corrupt, immoral, illegal “gratuity” payment...

Kenya: Stifling the media

  9 August 2007

Kenyan parliament passes a controversial media bill: “Richard Mbuthia opines on the passing of the controversial Media Bill in Kenya. The whole of the Bill seems pretty dark but certain clauses in it come out nakedly in attack of our fundamental freedoms. A clause in the Media Bill forces journalists...

Kenya: Why political parties have failed Kenyans

  4 August 2007

Emily discusses party politics in Kenya, “The question to ask is whether Kenya’s politics has truly ever had any roots in political parties. This has not been the case for a number of reasons. One, illiteracy and widespread poverty is a great curse that has prevented true democratic Party practices...