· April, 2009

Stories about Kenya from April, 2009

Kenya: If only we had free and fair election like South Africa

  27 April 2009

Kenyan blogger writes about South Africa's elections: First I must say Congratulations! to our brothers and sisters in South Africa for electing their new President Mr. Jacob Zuma in a free and fair elections. This is a lesson to Kenya and other African countries but unfortunately most African leaders do...

Kenya: Kenyan award winning poet found dead

  27 April 2009

Kenyan performing artist, director, playwright, storyteller, poet and university lecturer, Bantu Mwaura, was found dead outside his gate at the Sunlight estate in Nairobi’s Lang’ata area, on Monday (today) morning., KenyanPoet reports.

FMC Meets with Conservationists in Nairobi over Furadan

  17 April 2009

On Wednesday, 15 April 2009, two representatives FMC, the Philadelphia-based manufacturer of the controversial pesticide that is at the centre of lion poisoning in Kenya, Furadan, met with conservationists that WildlifeDirect had gathered for that purpose. The conservationists had high hopes following FMC's announcement that they had withdrawn the deadly...

Kenya: A ‘Cheetah Zoo’ in Nature Conservancy?

  8 April 2009

The Mara Triangle blog is looking into a controversial project that would result in construction of a ‘cheetah zoo’. William posts about the news that the Kenya Wildlife Service had stopped construction of such a zoo, and provides links to more information about the project.

Africa: On the nakedness of Africans

  3 April 2009

“On the nakedness of Africans” is a piece written by Zunguzungu, “If clothing is an index of “culture,” then it is clear that African culture sucks. But even authentic nakedness, as it happens, has political consequences that don’t work out well for the Africans.”

Lion Poisoning causes FMC to Withdraw Furadan from Kenya Market

  2 April 2009

The American chemical manufacturer, FMC, has withdrawn the pesticide, Furadan, from the Kenyan market after CBS News aired a documentary on '60 Minutes’. The documentary depicts how Furadan has become the preferred product for herders who poison lions suspected of killing livestock in and around the Masai Mara National Reserve....