· September, 2010

Stories about Venezuela from September, 2010

Venezuela: Using Crowdsourcing to Report on Elections

  20 September 2010

Through video, pictures and links, citizens can report on any event or incident related to the upcoming September 26 elections in Venezuela thanks to Dale Poder A Tu Voto [es] (Give your vote power), a site modeled after Ushahidi. The site uses crowdsourcing to promote transparency, participation and education.

Venezuela: Documentary Released Online Goes ‘Beyond the Clichés’

  16 September 2010

Francisco Toro from Caracas Chronicles introduces the documentary “Moving Pictures o Los Autos de Caracas” by Chris Moore, which was released online this week: “The film is a methodical meditation on just how Venezuela's dream of modernity went so badly off the rails.” Francisco will review the documentary in installments...

Venezuela: Examples of US Media Campaign Against Chavez

  16 September 2010

Eva Golinger in Postcards from the Revolution writes, “The bombardment of negative, false, distorted and manipulated news about Venezuela in US media has increased in volume and intensity during the last few days.” She goes on to show specific examples of this.

Venezuela: Will the Economy Really Improve?

  10 September 2010

In Venezuela News and Views, Daniel Duquenal shares his opinion about the recent statements by Finance Minister Jorge Giordani, who said they hope to keep inflation low and see economic growth this year. Daniel says, “The fact of the matter is that for people like me, at ground zero, there...

Getting to Know the Global Voices Latin America Team

  8 September 2010

The Global Voices Latin America team of volunteer authors has grown over the past three years. During this transition and the presentation of a new Regional Editor, Silvia Viñas, let's take a look at the diverse community of committed bloggers from this region.

Venezuela: Ten Commandments for Caracas

  2 September 2010

Caracas, Ciudad de la Furia (Caracas, City of Fury) is a blog dedicated to the city of Caracas. Its blogger, Mirelis Morales Tovar, recently came up [es] with ten commandments for Caracas.