· September, 2008

Stories about Venezuela from September, 2008

Deaf Awareness Week: Striving for Quality Education

  24 September 2008

On this second part of the Deaf Awareness Week posts (part one), we bring you a perspective on education for the deaf, and the different challenges it implies. First, from the Central African Republic, a school that after funds stopped, has continued fueled only by love. Second, from the Philippines,...

Venezuela: The Expulsion of Human Rights Watch

  23 September 2008

Armed military soldiers searched for José Miguel Vivancos, spokesperson for the international NGO Human Rights Watch, and expelled him from Venezuela hours after releasing the report at a press conference, which included critical commentary about the administration of Hugo Chávez. Bloggers and other online forumists provide their thoughts on the recent news.

Venezuela: Digital Workshop in Carabobo

  18 September 2008

Luis Carlos Díaz of Periodismo de Paz [es] writes about the recent workshop of the use of web 2.0 in the community of Carabobo, Venezuela. Here, students learned the use of Google maps, Wikipedia and other participatory media tools.

Venezuela: Youth Orchestra Transforms Lives

  1 September 2008

José Antonio Abreu is a well-known Venezuelan musician, and in 1975 he decided to share his love of music with youth from poor and violent neighborhoods across the country. He created a youth orchestra that has become the pride of the country, and has received support from the government. The experience has transformed the lives of the young people, and has produced beautiful music for more than three decades.