· April, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from April, 2006

Venezuela: New CNE Board and Friday Night Fiesta

  28 April 2006

While Katy explains how the board of Venezuela's Electoral Council (the elections governing body) is selected, Francisco gives some background on the new five board members. Away from politics, Adriana of CaracasCafe recommends getting rowdy tonight at El Tunel's open bar.

World: Farmer's Market International Parade

  28 April 2006

Melissa De Leon and Elena Hernandez are co-hosting the “The Farmer's Market International Parade” where participants from across the world post photos of their neighborhood markets, which will then be collected and linked to. So far, entries have been received from Venezuela, Mexico, Trinidad, UK and Panama. Entries will be...

Ukraine: Markets Won't Wait

  28 April 2006

At Foreign Notes, LEvko writes that Ukrainian president expects the coalition to be formed sometime in June, and Scott W. Clark cautions that this may be a bit too long for the country's economy: “If, as LEvko reports, this mess won't be sorted out until June, will the markets hold...

Venezuela: Can Chavez be beat?

  26 April 2006

Both Boz and Miguel Octavio believe that there is a slight chance Chavez might lose in this year's presidential election. Daniel Duquenal is equally ambiguous. He says that the opposition has been wasting time, but “still, this is such an atypical electoral period that who is to say if the...

Elections’ Race Between “Two Lefts”

  25 April 2006

The official announcement of Teodoro Petkoff’s candidacy turned Venezuela 2006 presidential race on. Since April 20th, when the announcement was made, the Venezuelan political debate has been focused on what the editor of daily newspaper Tal Cual has to offer to the voters. Venezuelan bloggers have been debating Petkoff’s announcement...

Cooking Pleasures

  22 April 2006

#1: From Caracas, Venezuela: Blog de Zulmy I have just discovered her blog, but it seems to me that she is and will be one of the most active food bloggers from her country! Good for you Zulmy :) Have you heard of Cocoa Tea? An infusion made with the...

Caribbean: Billionaires Investing in Local Telecoms

  22 April 2006

Last week Irish billionaire Dennis O'Brien announced his company Digicel was purchasing the Caribbean arm of Bouygues Telecom . This week Mexican billionnaire Carlos Slim announces he is purchasing three Caribbean and Latin-American subsidiaries of Verizon, an American telecom, writes (FR) InternetRapide.com. The Verizon subsidiaries to be purchased by Slim's...

Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia: Crisis in the Andes

  21 April 2006

Explaining that Venezuela has already left and that Bolivia is thinking of following, Miguel Buitrago says that most of the achievements of The Andean Community (CAN) are only observable on paper. Movimiento 13 de Abril, quotes Chavez (ES) in his announcement at the Community's recent summit in Paraguay: “CAN serves...

Caribbean, UK: Amerindian exhibit

  19 April 2006

At the Caribbean Beat Blog, Tracy Assing posts a short review of the “From the Amazon to the Caribbean” exhibition at the Hornmian Museum in Dulwich, England.

Venezuela: Julio Borges and Government Propaganda

  14 April 2006

Katy of Caracas Chronicles offers 20 reasons why she believes that Julio Borges is the man most capable of leading the opposition against Chavez. Oil Wars maintains its objectivity, criticizing the latest PR initiative by the Venezuelan government after a barrage of ads in this weekend's Ulitima Noticias.

Caribbean, Venezuela, USA: CARICOM talks with US

  13 April 2006

Seeing it as evidence that the Caribbean has begun to resist the overtures of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, A. M. Mora y Leon links gleefully to a Miami Herald article which states that CARICOM is exploring the possibility of holding free trade talks with the US.

Venezuela: Remembering the Coup

  12 April 2006

Jorge Arena has an almost comprehensive list of Anglophone Venezuelan bloggers who remarked on the fourth anniversary of the April 11th coup which temporarily removed Chavez from office. Oil Wars also comments on the anniversary including a partial translation of the “Carmona Decree” issued by the ever-so-brief transitional government.

Colombia, Venezuela: Targeting Chavez

  10 April 2006

Oil Wars translates an article from the Colombian news weekly Semana, in which an ex-employee of the Colombian Department of Security Administration (DAS) claims that “plans that were hatched to assassinate various Venezuelan government officials, among whom were the Venezuelan president.”

Venezuela: Faddoul Brothers and Blanco Sisters

10 April 2006

Ghost Blogger Jorge Arena compares the kidnapping and subsequent murder of the Faddoul brothers with that of the Blanco-Bandes sisters who were kidnapped a week after the Faddoul brothers and then released. Arena asks if the Faddoul brothers fell victim to back luck or police incompetence.

Protests Against Violence in Venezuela

  7 April 2006

Today marks the third straight day that Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest the murders of three, young Canadian-Venezuelan brothers and their chauffeur who were kidnapped on February 23rd and found dead in the town of Yare with gunshot wounds to the head this Tuesday. Opposition ghostblogger Jorge...

Venezuela: Documentary Movie “La Lista”

  4 April 2006

Daniel Duquenal says that the Venezuelan documentary, “La Lista” is starting to get the attention it deserves. Both Duquenal and Miguel Octavio have reviews of the film.

Ukraine: Hugo Chavez Knows About Orange Revolution

A.M. Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit writes about Hugo Chavez’ remark on the Ukrainian Orange Revolution of 2004: Venezuelan president has called it a “pink revolution” done by the “gringos” and said he expected his rivals to use a similar strategy in the December presidential election.