· March, 2011

Stories about Venezuela from March, 2011

Venezuela: H1N1 Cases on the Rise

  31 March 2011

The H1N1 virus has hit Venezuela. While writing this post, on March 28, the number of people infected with the virus is 415. Using Twitter, Venezuelans are sharing their frustration at the increasing number of cases as they tweet the latest official information and encourage each other to take precautions.

Venezuela: Learning to Play the Cuatro on the Web 2.0

  23 March 2011

The cuatro - an instrument in the guitar family - is the principal icon of traditional Venezuelan music. A love for the cuatro has also reached citizen media, where songs are shared, and its history, musicians and even how to play the instrument, are widely discussed.

Venezuela's Hip-hop Schools (Video)

  16 March 2011

Caracazo Media shares their short documentary featuring interviews (with English subtitles) and performances of students from an EPATU (Popular School for the Arts and Urban Traditions) hip-hop school in the “overcrowded barrio of La Vega in the hillsides of Caracas, Venezuela.” The film incorporates video filmed by the youth.

Latin America: A Cartoonist's Rendition of Today's Political Figures

  10 March 2011

In I'm crazy for you, Latin America!, Vitor Taveira previews a series of drawings of current Latin American political figures by cartoonist Luke Fontana. The set begins with drawings of Subcomandante Marcos from Mexico, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, and Bolivian President Evo Morales.

Colombia: The earth shook to show people that Necoclí exists

  5 March 2011

On the 2nd of March 2011, a tremor measuring 5.5 on the Richter scale was felt in the department of Antioquia and part of northern Colombia. The epicentre of this shock was in the Necoclí municipality (located in Antioquia) and although there were no victims, an ex traordinary fact – as well as the quake itself – that emerged through Twitter was the ignorance of some to the existence of Necoclí.

Latin America, Caribbean: Increase in Food Prices

  4 March 2011

Bloggings by Boz writes: “The FAO reports that February 2011 was a yet a new high on food prices. This has led to several warnings from organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean including ECLAC [Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean] and the IICA [Inter-American Institute for Cooperation...

Venezuela: 101 things to do in Caracas before you die

  2 March 2011

Mirelis Morales Tovar in Caracas Ciudad de la Furia [es] lists 101 things to do in the Venezuelan capital before you die. She also asks readers to add their own suggestions. Her list includes: admire the city from a cable car, ride a mototaxi, dance salsa at “El Maní es...