· July, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from July, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago: Impressions of Chavez

  25 July 2007

“We do not –many say– yet know the REAL Hugo. But I know what his latest stance on foreign criticism is and there is nothing ambivalent about it.” Young Trinidadian Andre Bagoo shares his views on the Venezuelan leader.

Venezuela: Private Education Under Siege

  23 July 2007

Venezuela News and Views states that private education in Venezuela continues to be “under siege,” because of the state belief that “nobody should be allowed to develop a dissenting perception of life, the only one being allowed is the one from the state.”

Venezuela: Roger Santodomingo's Resignation from Noticiero Digital

  9 July 2007

Venezuelan journalist Roger Santodomingo felt the need to resign from his post as an editor with Noticiero Digital due to threats on his family. The site's forum was a place of personal attacks from often extreme points of view. Santodomingo's resignation caused quite a stir among Venezuelan bloggers, who see these threats as further restrictions on freedom of expression, while others question the purpose of anonymous fora, which may not contribute to constructive discussion.