· May, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from May, 2006

Venezuela: Luis Velásquez Scandal

  30 May 2006

Francisco of Caracas Chronicles calls the Luis Velásquez Alvaray affair the “mother of all scandals.” Two days later, however, he wonders where all the coverage went.

Venezuela: Former Yaracuy Governor detained

  30 May 2006

Commenting on the detention of Former Yaracuy Governor Eduardo Lapi who was Miguel Octavio opines: “Reportedly he will be charged with misuse of funds. Thus, as the robolution robs, steals and charges commisions, opposition figures are detained for subtle charges of misuse of funds. If the same criterai were applied...

Bolivia: “The Evo and Hugo Show”

  29 May 2006

Jim Shultz, referring to the recent media coverage on the relationship between Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, writes: “One of the interesting things about having lived in and written about Bolivia for eight years is watching the foreign press that parachute in for a week or two, declare...

Venezuela: Poet Elizabeth Schön

  22 May 2006

Guillermo Parra features Venezuelan poet Elizabeth Schön who he describes as “a writer who has often been overlooked in Venezuela, but whose work has maintained a consistent philosophical and technical rigor throughout her long career.”

Venezuela: Opposition Candidates Win Mayoral Races

  22 May 2006

Both Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal write about yesterday's mayoral elections in Carrizal and Nirgua, which Duquenal describes as “insignificant in the grand scheme of things, though very telling in illustrating the contradictions within Venezuelan politics.”

Blogging, The New Journalism Frontier

  19 May 2006

Este artículo también está disponible en español. The following article addresses five questions asked by university faculty member and digital journalism advocate, Zinnia Martínez, in her weblog, Periodismo Interactivo. The questions were the following: • How journalism has been incorporated into Venezuelan blogosphere? • What Venezuelan blogosphere add to Venezuelan...

Venezuela: Film Blogs

  17 May 2006

BlogaCine highlights the film ‘El Aprendiz’ by Jorge Hernández Aldana [ES], which will be shown at this year's Cannes film festival. Día Naranja, Días de Cine [ES] is a weblog by Venezuelan filmmaker Alejandra Szeplaki about the production of her first feature length film, “Día Naranja.

Haiti: Preval Signs PetroCaribe Agreement with Venezuela

  15 May 2006

Right after his inauguration yesterday, President Preval signed the PetroCaribe Agreement with Jose Vincente Rangel, Venezuela's Vice-President, reports (Fr) AlterPresse. According to the agreement, Venezuela will deliver 500 barrils of oil per day to the Haitian government who will resell to the private sector at market prices. PetroCaribe is a...

Vegetarian or Carnivorian, it is up to you!

  14 May 2006

#1: Apuntes de Cocina desde Venezuela on Salmon Gravalax!Learn to prepare it the easy way and enjoy it for the rest of your life! Head over to her blog to get the step by step recipes and great photos. #2: Directo al Paladar from Spain, visits the famous Restaurante Escuela...

Venezuela: New Trendy Eats in Caracas

  12 May 2006

Alfredo Octavio has pictures of the new Caracas restaurant of chef and Venezuelan food celebrity, Sumito Estévez. Adriana recommends (ES) the tasty sandwiches and salads at the new cafe Pomme de Pan.

Venezuela: Chavez's Meeting With Ken Livingstone

  10 May 2006

Venezuela's opposition bloggers continue their foray into the mainstream media. Daniel Duquenal (who recently had a letter to the editor published in the Boston Globe) and Guillermo Parra both mention Aleksander Boyd's article in The Times as Chavez prepares his trip to London where he will meet with Mayor Ken...

Venezuela: Published Boston Globe Letter to the Editor

  9 May 2006

Daniel Duquenal gives props to the Boston Globe for publishing his letter to the editor the letter, using the moment as an opportunity to criticize the New York Times’ coverage of Venezuela. Duquenal has also started a series on what he sees as “the problems in the Venezuelan electoral system.

Venezuela: Debt Relief and Fartless Beans

  3 May 2006

Katy expresses her gratitude (sarcastically … I think) to Hugo Chavez for relieving the debts of former students who studied abroad during the early 90's. Afrael has a gas relaying the news (ES) that the “fartless bean” was invented in Venezuela in his post “Venezuela Keeps Innovating”: “only known for...

Uruguay, Venezuela: Criticizing Mercosur

  3 May 2006

Steven Taylor writes about Uruguay's discontent with the South American trade bloc Mercorsur. Miguel Octavio (and his faithful readers) try to make sense of Latin America's recent economic realignment.

Peru: Chavez and Morales in the Peruvian Elections

  1 May 2006

Writing from Venezuela, both Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal fear for Peru's political future. Un Lobo en Peru inspires some interesting comments with a post about the Peruvian government's decision to withdraw the ambassador to Venezuela. Maxwell Cameron of the University of British Columbia, meanwhile, says that presidential candidate Alan...