· July, 2008

Stories about Venezuela from July, 2008

Cuba, Venezuela, U.S.A.: Empty Dialogue?

  31 July 2008

Cuban bloggers Babalu and Ninety miles away…in another country focus on U.S. Republican senator Arlen Specter's upcoming Latin American trip, during which he hopes to meet with both Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez: “The Cuban government has made clear that the only thing it is interested in is the unilateral...

Barbados, Venezuela: Staking a Claim

  30 July 2008

Notes From The Margin is monitoring the “strident” tone of an article in the Venezuelan media which deals with the South American country's claim of Barbados’ waters: “Barbados has little reason to take on Venezuela’s claims other than Venezuela has the means to aggressively enforce its claims on the area...

Russia: Military Bases in Venezuela?

LJ community Politika v Rossii (RUS) conducts a survey on whether Russia should pick up on an offer by Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez to build military bases in Venezuela. So far, the results are that some 70% of respondents have been positive to the idea.

Venezuela: The Tradition of the Dancing Devils of Yare

  15 July 2008

The Dancing Devils of Yare is a traditional expression of culture and religion that takes place 9 weeks after Holy Thursday in the state of Miranda in Venezuela. The ritual dance is performed by dancers in colorful costumes and is a sense of pride for the entire country, as explained by local bloggers.

Venezuela: Bloggers Pay Tribute to Eugenio Montejo

  5 July 2008

Venezuelan bloggers pay tribute to Eugenio Montejo, one of the country's greatest poets, who won the national prize of literature and the international prize Octavio Paz. One blogger even recounts meeting Montejo and being introduced to him by his father who said, "son, meet one of the greatest poets of this country, Eugenio Montejo."