· December, 2005

Stories about Venezuela from December, 2005

Venezuela: Media Cover Up?

28 December 2005

Following up on Alex Beech's post on anti-Semitism in Venzuela, Miguel Octavio wonders why he had such a difficult time finding the quote from Chavez. Checking Google's cache, he finally dug it up in a page from El Nacional, which had been deleted.

Venezuela: Treatment of Jews

27 December 2005

Responding to Alex Beech's post on governmental aggressions against Venezuela's Jewish community, former Ambassador of Venezuela to Israel, Milos Alcalay writes a letter noting the recent shift in stance taken by the Chavez administration.

Trinidad and Tobago, Venezuela: Why Trinis speak Spanish at Christmastime

  27 December 2005

English may be the official language of Trinidad, but at Christmastime the country sings in Spanish. De Cooler : Soca News announces the results of the National Parang Championships, the competition which showcases Trinidad's traditional Christmas music, while Caribbean Free Radio plays a few parang tracks and explains the genre's...

Venezuela: Lack of Coffee and Inspiration

26 December 2005

A.M. Mora y Leon had a difficult time finding coffee in Caracas during a recent visit and directs readers to a satirical explanation of the coffee shortage at Caracas Chronicles. Orlidroit can't find inspiration (ES) writing in a global medium like the internet while living in a small petroleum town...

Venezuela: Feliz Chavidad

23 December 2005

Taking a break from the political dialogue (well, almost), Miguel Octavio (recent winner of best Latino, Caribbean, or South American weblog), Daniel Duquenal, and Oil Wars all wish their readers a very happy holiday season.

Venezuela: Discount Food Stores

15 December 2005

Oil Wars has more excellent photojournalistic coverage or Caracas, this time focusing on a government social program which creates discount stores in the area known as El Valle. Commenters note that the foodstuffs hardly look nutritious. Venepoetics has translated two opinion pieces critical of the current government; the first by...

Venezuela: Podcast on Venezuelan Politics

12 December 2005

Radio Open Source invites political science professor, Daniel Hellinger, Venezuelan ambassador to the United States, Bernardo Alvarez, and bloggers, Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal to hash out Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution after last week's low vote turnout in support of Chavez's parties. Comments following the post have been lively.

Venezuela: Election Responses

7 December 2005

Punditry everywhere following Sunday's parliamentary elections in Venezuela. A.M. Mora y Leon offers some brief excerpts of conversations had around the streets of upper-middle class Caracas. Boz looks at the U.S. reaction. Leftside is skeptical of the opposition parties’ spin on voter abstention. Miguel of The Devil's Excrement says that...

High Abstention and Information Black-out in Venezuela Elections

  4 December 2005

Venezuelan bloggers report empty voting sites in today's elections for National Assembly Deputies. After touring Caracas, The Devil’s Excrement estimates that abstention rates would be higher in this election than it was for the City Council elections last August in which abstention rates reached 68%, a very high percentage compared...

Venezuela: A Sick System

4 December 2005

Venezuelans are currently at the polls. Venepoetics has translated a Friday editorial by Oswaldo Barreto of TalCual, which tries to take a more all-encompassing view of the country's current political woes.

Images from Venezuela: “The Voice of the Experience”

3 December 2005

“La Voz de la Experiencia” by Rufino As Venezuela heads to the polls tomorrow in conflict and electoral crisis, at least a few citizens of Caracas were able to able to take some time yesterday for amiable conversation.

Venezuela: Public Housing and Electoral Crisis

3 December 2005

Oil Wars offers an interesting glimpse into new Venezuela public housing. Meanwhile, the electoral crisis continues heading into Sunday's election. Tomas Sancio and The Devil's Excrement argue that opposition voters were not given confidence that their votes would be counted. Pedro Camargo says it is up to the Organization of...