· June, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from June, 2006

Venezuela: Translations

  30 June 2006

Francisco of Caracas Chronicles has translated excerpts of a piece by Juan Carlos Zapata, which argues that a new power dynamic is evolving in Venezuela. Another translation comes from Guillermo Parra, who offers the english version of Antonio López Ortega's reflection on Arturo Uslar Pietri and the concept of “mestizaje”...

Venezuela: “A bad day for Venezuelan democracy”

  29 June 2006

Both Miguel Octavio and Daniel Duquenal are disheartened by opposition electoral NGO, Sumate's decision to forego primary elections. Duquenal says that “the electoral trickery of chavismo is so blatant that it seems impossible to have a free and fair election in December,” however, Oil Wars disagrees, describing the opposition as...

Global Food Blog Report #22

  29 June 2006

#1: Klephblog, no doubt over-caffeinated,  writes "How Coffee changed the Modern World," a great essay about this fruit of the Gods: This wondrous plant is a native of the new world and was sprung on an unsuspecting European public as these shores became colonized in the 15th century. By the...

T&T, Venezuela, Bolivia: Emails between friends

  28 June 2006

Trinidad-based blogger Jeremy Taylor reproduces an e-mail exchange — real or fictional? — taking place between himself and a former US embassy operative friend. The topics at hand: Hugo Chávez, Evo Morales and blogging. Here are parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The State of Creative Commons in Latin America

  26 June 2006

Coauthored by Jose Murilo Junior and David Sasaki Global Voices has become a supporter of Creative Commons licensing not due to ideology, but because our website depends on it. The translations we post, bridging bloggers from different languages and cultures, are modifications of original works, requiring either the author's permission...

Venezuela: Comparing Headlines

  16 June 2006

Katy of Caracas Chronicles has an interesting comparison of headlines from Venezuela's state and private media regarding Peruvian President Alan Garcia's decision to not apologize to Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela: Football Pundits

  16 June 2006

Venezuela Football Pundits (Es) is an English-language World Cup weblog written from Venezuela by Daniel Duquenal and Franciso.

Venezuela: Electoral Fascists

  14 June 2006

Guillermo Parra has translated an Op-Ed by Fernando Rodríguez, which appeared in yesterday's Tal Cual exploring the competing rhetoric around Venezuela's electoral process.

Global Food Blog Report #21

  11 June 2006

#1: After almost a month her blog vanished without reasonable explanation, Chef Ines Peña from Caracas, Venezuela is back with her brand new and improved creation: Apuntes de Cocina. Lets head over to her blog and cheer her up a little for her perseverance and the love to share her...

Oil Wars: Auding the Voters’ Registry

  9 June 2006

Oil Wars writes that Venezuela's voters’ registry “was thoroughly audited in late 2005 by an independent outside agency which found that it was a largely accurate and was completely appropriate to serve as the basis for elections.” Miguel Octavio, however, is skeptical, calling the audit “Simply one more fraud.” Daniel...

Venzuela: Metro Price Change

  9 June 2006

Qtpd describes the change in pricing (ES) at the Carcas metro. Rather than charging per segment, each journey will now have the same price (US $0.30) regardless of distance or the amount of transfers. Three commenters agree with the policy change, though one believes that it will spark protests.

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  9 June 2006

Boz's Friday poll numbers this week show the neck to neck race in Mexico presidential race as well as an electoral map from Peru's recent election.

Venezuela: Where Before There Had Been Precise Names

8 June 2006

Iria Puyosa is a Venezuelan blogger who has been finishing her graduate work in the United States. This post describes her return to Caracas last week. El vuelo sale de Houston. Por las conversaciones que escucho de pasada, parece que todos los gringos que me rodean trabajan en la industria...

Peru, Venezuela: Poll Off by 28 Points

  5 June 2006

Both Francisco and Daniel Duquenal write with glee that the North American Opinion Research poll – often seen as pro-Chavez – was off by around 28 points in their prediction that Ollanta Humala would win Sunday's Peruvian election. Duquenal can't help but add that “watching [Latin American news network] Telesur...

Venezuela: Getting Rid of the National Entrance Exam?

  5 June 2006

As Chilean students protest against the fees for their national entrance exam, Oil Wars says that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is considering doing away with the entrance exam entirely. But Oil Wars says that there is a better solution.

Bolivia, Chile, Venezuela: Surplus Investment

  1 June 2006

In a rare English-language post, Guccio reveals his theory on Venezuela's foreign investment of surplus oil revenue. Noting that Chile invested its copper revenue surplus in foreign banks, he suggests, “if for Chile the best option were to save in a bank, it seems that for the Venezuela, the best...