· February, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from February, 2007

Venezuela: Una tarde con campanas / Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez

  28 February 2007

Guillermo Parra translates an excerpt from Juan Carlos Méndez Guédez's novel “Una tarde con campanas.” Explains Parra, “the book is narrated by a boy whose family migrates to Madrid after a military government comes to power in Venezuela. Una tarde con campanas was a finalist for the Premio de Novela...

Venezuela, Brazil: Chavez Versus O Globo

  28 February 2007

Daniel Duquenal posts and narrates two video clips from a Chavez press conference in Caracas in which he criticizes Brazilian media conglomerate O Globo for its opposition to Lula in Brazil's last presidential elections. In the second clip, Chavez focuses on O Globo's reporter, accusing him of not understanding Venezuela.

Venezuela: 21st Century Socialism?

  21 February 2007

“No serious debate about socialism can be developed as if we were still in the XIX century, when there still hadn’t been any concrete experience of it anywhere. Not now. It is impossible, at the dawn of the XXI century, to talk about socialism while making an abstraction of what...

Venezuela, Dominica: Chavez visits

  20 February 2007

From Billy's breathless, stream-of-consciousness post about Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez's visit to Dominica: “military helicopters fly in and out of the airport. television crews are arriving en masse. feels surreal. some say it is an historic occasion. well it is just a man coming to open some oil redistribution plant...

Bolivia, Venezuela: Redefining Nationalization

  16 February 2007

April Howard, detailing the recent protests in Camiri, draws an interesting parallel between how Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Bolivian President Evo Morales are redefining the term “nationalization.”

Egypt: More Dangerous than a Monkey..

  14 February 2007

Egypt-based blogger Tom Gara is still in stitches over Hugo Chavez's description of George Bush Junior. “I really think that describing George Bush as “More dangerous than a monkey with a razor blade” is a perfect, beautifully descriptive analogy. Spot on. Anyone know if this is a common turn of...

Venezuela: Commemorating a Coup

  13 February 2007

Just back from a ten-day trip to Colombia and the United States, Daniel Duquenal returns to Venezuela and is infuriated by a parade commemorating “the February 4th coup attempt by Chavez and his pals against a duly democratically elected government.”

Costa Rica, Bolivia, Venezuela: Oscar Arias, Hugo Chavez, and Evo Morales

  5 February 2007

Katy of Caracas Chronicles translates a statement by Costa Rican President and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar Arias criticizing Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's “democratic dictatorship.” Meanwhile, the Latin America and Caribbean blog of the Overseas Development Institute compares the leadership and policy making differences between Bolivian President Evo Morales and...

Venezuela: Chavez Indefinitely or Path to Reform?

  2 February 2007

Miguel Octavio, who is now also publishing selected posts in Spanish, writes gloomily of the so-called “enabling law”: “Two days ago the Deputies of the National Assembly simply gave up their jobs and their own mandate in order to enable Hugo Chavez to rule by decree for an unheard of...