· March, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from March, 2006

Venezuela: Op-Ed Translations

  31 March 2006

Katy of Caracas Chronicles has translated an opinion piece, originally published in Tal Cual by Marino González, a professor at Simón Bolívar University. Venepoetics translates an op-ed, also from Tal Cual, by Oswaldo Barreto.

Venezuela: Jorge Rodriguez Ends Bid to CNE

  27 March 2006

Miguel Octavio's blog, The Devil's Excrement has once again been loaned to ghost blogger, Jorge Arena who tries to understand why Jorge Rodriguez has stepped down in his bid as head of the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Venezuela: Land Settlement and Venezuelan Literature

  23 March 2006

Oil Wars has a post on the recent settlement between the Venezuelan government and British magnate Lord Vestey who had owned land there, describing it as “the type of news that tends not to get much attention in the opposition controlled media.” Venepoetics ends a literature-infused post by quoting Edmund...

Venezuela: DJ DUBB

  22 March 2006

GlowMain features Venezuelan drum and bass DJ, Aureliano Alarcón Smith, also known as DUBB (ES). A download of a live set is available.

Venezuela, Argentina: Mommy Bloggers Unite

  22 March 2006

For much of the tech-centered, Spanish-speaking blogosphere, Meibell (ES) is most well known as the wife of veteran, Venezuelan-turned-New-Yorker blogger, Sebastian Delmont. But Liz Henry says that Meibell is taking charge with a call to Venezuelan mommy bloggers based in Caracas. A similar blog mom meetup takes place in Buenos...

Images from Venezuela: From Bolívar Avenue

  21 March 2006

“Desde la Av. Bolívar” by Guillermo Amador Bograd The main bridge of the Caracas La Guaïra highway wasn't the only thing to fall down on Sunday. More than 1,500 Venezuelans dropped their drawers for American photographer Spencer Tunick who has been capturing large groups of naked volunteers in major cities...

Venezuela: A Happy Birthday to All

  16 March 2006

Miguel Octavio sarcastically wishes a happy birthday to “the amazing Gonzalez family.” He's referring to the nearly 2000 registered voters with the last name Gonzalez who were born on the same day, 32 years ago in the he western state of Zulia. Unbelievably, when Steven Dudley and Phil Gunson randomly...

Venezuela: Sabana Grande promenade

  14 March 2006

Caracas-resident Barbadian Campfyah goes walking along Sabana Grande, where she runs into illegal vendors, roving coffee vendors, chess players and other denizens of the well-known strip. She posts photos as well.

Cuba: A sheep dies for baseball

  13 March 2006

As Cuba faces Venezuela in the World Baseball Classic in Puerto Rico, Zenia Regalado's neighbours kill and roast a sheep (ES).

Anglo-Venezuelan Blogosphere Conspiracy

  10 March 2006

Este post también está disponible en español. Peace Journalism brought to us this week a post about the political polarization on the Internet and citizen-information Venezuelan blogs. Relentlessly optimistic the young journalist says: thanks to the majority being prone toward dialogue, bigger and better spaces for tolerance, inclusion, or at...

Venezuela: Narrated Photo Tour

8 March 2006

The blogosphere is busy, as always with news from and about Venezuela. Daniel Duquenal is back from vacation with what he calls a “crazy round up of news.” MIguel Octavio has a thorough explanation of a proposal in the state of Zulia which would grant it more autonomy. Resource-rich Zulia...

Venezuela: The Bolivarian Revolution Abroad

6 March 2006

Guest blogger, Jorge Arena details a visit to Washington D.C. by a pro-Chavez delegation from Venezuela. The National Solidarity Conference, which took place at George Washington University, inspired a critical opinion piece by Stephen Johnson in the Washington Times, but Jorge Martin of Hands Off Venezuela says that Johnson is...