· April, 2013

Stories about Venezuela from April, 2013

#FLISOL 2013: Hundreds of Latin Americans Installing Free Software

  27 April 2013

From the Patagonia to Havana, hundreds of computer users across Latin America are choosing freedom over control by installing free software on their computers. On April 27th, groups of free software enthusiasts will be installing free software in dozens of cities across Latin America as part of FLISOL [es], the...

Venezuela's Election Results Show Weakened Chavismo

  17 April 2013

The results of the presidential election held on April 14 made it clear that Chavismo is starting to wear down. The small difference of just two percentage units and the huge number of diverse complaints about irregularities have led Henrique Capriles to not recognize the results until an audit as well as a manual vote recount are carried out.

Venezuela's Post-election Tension Escalates

  16 April 2013

As Nicolás Maduro was being declared the new President of Venezuela, the social networks were calling for public protests and an election recount. Incitement to action on both sides of the political landscape is expected to increase.

Venezuela: Fire Consumes Part of Canaima National Park

  10 April 2013

For over a week the Canaima National Park, one of the world's most precious green lungs has been burning beyond control. Many Twitter users are in dismay over the events, but not without pointing to the indolence of the Venezuelan state and that of Venezuelan politicians in general.