· October, 2005

Stories about Venezuela from October, 2005

Venezuela: BBC, Pumpkins, and “No More Politics”

26 October 2005

Daniel fact checks the recent BBC interview with Hugo Chavez. Babalu Blog and Bugs’ Blog post about Smashing Pumpkins in Venezuela (no, not the band). And Iria swears off politics until the campaigning ends.

Venezuela: Switching to Linux

5 October 2005

Matt Asay says two Venezuelan government officials approached him at LinuxWorld UK, where he spoke, wanting to learn more about switching from Microsoft to Linux-based systems.

Venezuela: Secuestro Express

5 October 2005

The movie, Secuestro Express has inspired reflection from another Venezuelan blogger, this time PandaVamp's Lair.

The Devil's Excrement

4 October 2005

The Devil's Excrement comments on Sumate's most recent report on illegalities that took place during the last Venezuelan regional elections.