· May, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from May, 2007

Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela: Media & Politics

  29 May 2007

“When media become political players themselves, they lose their credibility, and they betray the people who rely on them for truthful, accurate information.” Jeremy Taylor weighs in on the controversy surrounding the closure of RCTV in Venezuela.

Cuba: Closure of Venezuelan TV Station

  28 May 2007

“The Venezuelan freight train toward a castro-style totalitarian dictatorship is gaining momentum at a frightening pace with the closure and confiscation of one of the few remaining independent media voices in that country, RCTV, and where is the mainstream American and International media?” asks Babalu Blog, while El Cafe Cubano...

Venezuela: Bloggers Mobilize For and Against the End of Transmission of Radio Caracas Television.

  27 May 2007

Radio Caracas Television's (RCTV) broadcast license was not renewed by the Venezuelan government, which opened up two fronts within the Venezuelan blogosphere. Blogs were created with the sole purpose to discuss this topic, and there was very little room for gray area. Bloggers normally took one of two sides, either "I am with RCTV" (for) or "RCTV from the Inside" (against), which produced thousands of blog entries on the subject.

Venezuela: Glover's Film to be Financed by Government

  24 May 2007

Tomas Sancio reacts to the news that the Venezuela government will help finance a movie project by Danny Glover about the Haitian revolution led by Touissant L'Overture. He writes in his blog, Venezuelan Politics, “You have to be really irresponsible to approve such an expense when the same newspaper reports...

Americas: Copa America Blog

  23 May 2007

For fans of the “beautiful game”, a new blog site dedicated to the biennual football tournament, the Copa America, will come as a welcome surprise. The Copa America 07 Blog will feature news and stories about the South American national teams and guests, that will participate in this tournament in...

Venezuela: Growing Blogosphere

  23 May 2007

ALD [ES] links with interest a recent article written by Victor Solano, who states that the Venezuelan blogosphere will be one that grows the most. ALD believes that “blogs will the medium that grows the most as the supposed repression of information increases by the government.”

Venezuela: Nobel Prize Winner Yunus Visits

  15 May 2007

Periodismo de Paz’ Luis Carlos Diaz writes about the recent visit of Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammed Yunus to Venezuela [ES]. He unfortunately was unable to attend the lecture in person, but was able to listen to speech later.

Americas: The Prospects of ALBA and Banco Sur

  11 May 2007

At Peru Politico [ES], Mariana Costa breaks down whether the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (or ALBA for its initials in Spanish) and the Banco Sur will be good for the integration of the region. She is hopeful for the prospects of the Banco Sur, which will provide an alternative...

Haiti: Bush to Scold Préval?

  4 May 2007

Regarding an upcoming May 9 Préval visit to the White House, Collectif Haiti de Provence writes [Fr]: ”More than a week after a beneficial tour hand in hand with President Hugo Chavez … this meeting with the most powerful man on earth … could look like a call to order...

Guyana: Mt. Roraima

  3 May 2007

Guest authoring on the Caribbean Beat Blog, Nicholas Laughlin writes an account of his hiking expedition to Mt. Roraima, a tabletop mountain located on the borders of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.