· April, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from April, 2007

Venezuela: RCTV's Loss of License

  28 April 2007

RCTV (Radio Caracas Television), a private media station and critic of President Hugo Chavez will not have its license renewed by the government at the end of May. Oil Wars wonders what will replace RCTV, but thinks this is an opportunity to restructure how media is controlled. However, Caracas Chronicles...

Getting to Know Global Voices’ Latin America Team

  25 April 2007

Some of the very best weblogs from around Latin America hardly ever receive mention on Global Voices. That's because their authors are also contributors here and spend most of their time drawing your attention to others' posts. Well, it's long past time to highlight their personal creativity and boundless enthusiasm for new media in Latin America.

Venezuela, Zimbabwe: Stock Markets

  20 April 2007

Miguel Octavio takes a look at what the Venezuelan and Zimbabwean stock markets and inflation rates have in common. Oil Wars, however, writes: “Now, we needn’t focus on the exact number and percentages, they may well overstate poverty somewhat. Yet the dramatic trend can’t be missed. Venezuela went from a...

Venezuela: Latin America in Deferment

  13 April 2007

“In Latin America, revolutions are also a non-traditional product for export. It is a matter of a charm that is as typical of us as pretentiousness or corn, mariachis or chocolate. We also have sentimental caudillos, necessary rebels, a class of heroes that can no longer be found anywhere else...

Whiskey We've Got, But Where's the Meat?

  4 April 2007

Carnicería by Luis Carlos Diaz Venezuela is one of the principal oil-exporting countries of the world. However, petroleum is not edible and, lamentably, Venezuela's national food industry is not able to feed its population. So Venezuela is, since its economy stopped having an agricultural focus at the beginning of the...