· May, 2008

Stories about Venezuela from May, 2008

Venezuela: The Poet Who Enjoyed the Simple Things in Life

  27 May 2008

Poet Aquiles Nazoa had always led a simple life. His poetry illustrated the beauties of daily life and the humorous soul of all Venezuelans. He was also one of the most furious advocates of Human Rights during the 1960s in Venezuela. Venezuelan bloggers pay tribute to this poet, who had a certain love of the simple things in life.

Venezuela: Samuel Villegas and His Last Book

  19 May 2008

Samuel Villegas, an admired Venezuelan writer, was recently buried after several years of convalescence. A few days before his passing, he received a last homage and presented his last book, Muros del Sol (The Sun's Walls) inside the hospital while accompanied by his friends, who arranged a simple, but very moving service. Venezuelan bloggers also write about Villegas' work and wonder why more information about him cannot be found online.

Venezuela: Publishing House Provides Works Online

  13 May 2008

There is good news for fans of literature in Spanish. Thanks to an initiative from the Venezuelan Ministry of Culture, literary works from the publishing house Ayacucho Library is now available online for free. Bloggers celebrate the selection of works that make it easier to access literature.

Blogger of the Week: Laura Vidal

  4 May 2008

One of the Lingua translators from Global Voices in Spanish, Laura Vidal, enjoyed her experience so much, that she wanted to become more involved and try her hand at writing about blogs in her native country of Venezuela. Her recent work has helped showcase much of what Venezuelan bloggers have to offer, and many of her subject matter goes beyond the polarized politics that usually comes to mind.

Venezuela: Left in the Dark

  2 May 2008

More than 13 states and the most important cities of Venezuela were affected by a power outage last Tuesday, leaving many without electricity for several hours. The subway system of the capital city of Caracas collapsed and left thousands of people having to walk through city streets already crowded with vehicles. In spite of the difficulties, some bloggers were able to record some thoughts on the day's events through Twitter and their blogs.