· January, 2009

Stories about Venezuela from January, 2009

Global: Morocco Closes Caracas Embassy

  21 January 2009

Morocco announced this week that it would close its embassy in Venezuela due to Venezuela's recognition of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), the territory also known as the "Western Sahara," over which Morocco asserts its sovereignty.

Syria: Arab Leaders Can't Come Together, Not Even into a Room

  15 January 2009

As the aggression on Gaza enters its third week, Arab Leaders fail to agree on the need of holding an emergency summit for the member countries of the Arab League which Qatar and Syria have called for. Syrian bloggers are outraged at the political ping-pong going on that highlights what could be described as the greatest political divide in recent Arab history.

Venezuela: Do the Actions of the Chávez Government in Support of Palestine Reflect the Views of the People?

  12 January 2009

In Venezuela, the conflict in the Middle East is a little closer to home due to the actions of the government of President Hugo Chávez. In addition to the explusion of the Israeli ambassador in Caracas, there have been other moves by the government and its supporters indicating that Chávez has come out strongly in favor of Palestine and against the actions of Israel. However, some bloggers' opinions indicate that the government's point of view may not speak for the entire country.

Jordan: Respect for Chavez

Jordanian blog 7iber reports: “After Hugo Chavez expelled Israel’s Ambassador to Venezuela earlier this week, Jordanians left flowers by the Venezuelan embassy in Amman on Thursday, January 8th, as a show of respect.” Click on the link for photographs.