· November, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from November, 2007

Cuba, Venezuela: Changing Into Cuba?

  30 November 2007

Child of the Revolution reports on the reaction to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional changes: “Not surprisingly, many Venezuelans think the changes go too far – turning the oil-rich nation into ‘another Cuba'”.

Ahmadinejad and Chavez: “Love is in the air”

  25 November 2007

Last week, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez made his fourth visit to Tehran in two years to sign more economic agreements with Iran. The Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Chavez, say they “admire” each other. Ahmadinejad calls Iran a second home for the Venezuelan president, and Chavez offers support to the...

Venezuela: Blog About Constitutional Reform

  23 November 2007

Venezuela's Constitutional Reform is a blog that was created “by a group of bloggers to explain to the outside work why the Venezuelan constitutional reform is dangerous for Venezuelan democracy.”

Colombia: Pictures of Senator with FARC Leaders

  21 November 2007

Colombian bloggers react to pictures posted by a press agency featuring a beret-wearing Senator Piedad Cordoba smiling and holding a bouquet of flowers while embracing FARC leaders during a recent meeting in Venezuela where the humanitarian exchange was to be discussed. Some wonder whether this sends an inappropriate message, while others try to see the photo with optimism.

Barbados, Guyana, Venezuela: Mining Attacks

  21 November 2007

Notes From The Margin has been “monitoring reports of Venezuelan soldiers blowing up mining barges in the Guyana interior” and wonders how the two countries’ ongoing border dispute will play out.

Venezuela: Why Don't You Shut Up?

  14 November 2007

It took no time at all for five words said by the King of Spain to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez at a summit in Chile to become slogans for the opposition, the subject of parodies, and even ringtones for one's cell phone. "Por que no te callas?" or "Why don't you shut up?" continues to be written about in the press and especially in blogs on both sides of the Atlantic by those that agreed or disagreed whether the King was correct in his language and tone.

Cuba: Shut Up!

  12 November 2007

Both Child of the Revolution and Babalu Blog turn their attention to the happenings at the recently-held Ibero-American summit.

Venezuela: Chavez and the King of Spain

  12 November 2007

Venezuela News and Views takes a look at the conflict between Hugo Chavez and the King of Spain, who asked the Venezuelan president, “why don't you just shut up?” at a recent conference in Santiago, Chile.

Brazil: From a Venezuelan point of view

  9 November 2007

Daniel, from Venezuela News and Views, takes advantage of the announcement by Petrobras that Brazil has found a new oil field of high quality to analyze why Brazil is now the country where people are lining up to invest in, and concludes: “That oil find might be the last nail...

Venezuela: Second Annual Blogstock

  1 November 2007

Venezuelan bloggers and other users of social networking software gathered in a remote location far from the capital for the 2nd annual Blogstock, not to hear lectures regarding the state of the blogosphere or the latest in technology, but to simply socialize and have fun. Amidst the serious problems facing the country, these types of get-togethers are at the heart of what Venezuelans are all about.