· August, 2005

Stories about Venezuela from August, 2005

Venezuela: Media Objectivity

29 August 2005

Daniel is concerned about the loss of Radio Nacional de Venezuela's objectivity while Aleksander Boyd says the same of the international press.

Venezuela: Ballot Machine Software

22 August 2005

Aleksander Boyd does some investigative blogging into the vote software company Smartmatic and concludes, it is “worrying indeed that a company with connections to the Hugo Chavez regime has been selected to run elections in a county of Chicago.”

Venezuela: World Youth Fest

17 August 2005

Chase me ladies, I'm in the cavalry, written by a traveling Brit, has a sarcastic if not offensive couple posts on the World Youth Fest in Caracas with plenty of photos of attendees. For more serious coverage, check out Venezuelan News and Views and The Devil's Excrement.

Venezuela: Open Letter to Military Officers

11 August 2005

VCRISIS has translated an open letter by Gustavo Coronel to officers of the Venezuelan army who recently graduated from a course on leadership sponsored by Cuban president, Fidel Castro.

Venezuela: Express Kidnapping

11 August 2005

Tomas Sancio of Venezuelan Politics writes a refreshingly apolitical post about the Venezuelan film, “Secuestro Express” (Express Kidnapping), which has been getting its fair share of Hollywood's attention.

Venezuela: Municipal Election Results and Analysis

9 August 2005

Venezuela News and Views, Venezuelan Politics, The Devil's Excrement, and Publius Pundit all offer analysis of this past weekend's municipal elections, which yielded extremely low turnouts throughout the country.

Venezuela: Telesur

5 August 2005

The Devil's Excrement does not yet seem convinced of the quality of Telesur's programming.

Venezuela: American Ambassador and Baseball

5 August 2005

Tomas Sancio of Venezuelan Politics covers the reaction and controversy which followed after U.S. Ambassador William Brownfield distributed free baseball equipment to poor youth in the capitol city, Caracas.