· January, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from January, 2006

Venezuela: Notes on WSF

31 January 2006

Author and activist, Luis J. Rodriguez offers his experience at last week's World Social Forum in Caracas.

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

Revolutionary Awareness in the WSF

  28 January 2006

Bloggers attending the World Social Forum in Caracas have been speaking out with constructive criticisms on organizational pitfalls. Issues related to transportation, the youth camp facilities, and information problems have been widely addressed by critical bloggers. A Berkeley student recounts her journey across Caracas’ city parks and surrounding natural reserve...

Youth WSF collective blog

  27 January 2006

Attention-grabbing first person testimonials on what is going at the World Social Forum in this collective blog. Posts about life in the youth camp, the Forum’s (dis)organization, the Bolivarian proceso, Chávez’ misiones, and the Forum debates.

Andean Countries: Digital Andean Library

  25 January 2006

Otto Boye y Arturo Durán introduce (ES) the Digital Andean Library (ES), which makes available to internet users various studies, books, and documents from the Andean countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Venezuela: Impressions of Maracaibo

25 January 2006

Adam Isacson gives a detailed description of his weekend visit to Venezuela's second largest city, Maracaibo; where he says that McDonald's, Pizza Hut, and Citibank are more evident than pro-Chavez propaganda. Isacson also notes that the price of gas in the petroleum exporting port is around US 25 cents a...

WSF Starts Walking the Walk in Caracas

24 January 2006

The WSF is the expression of a new way of doing politics. People—the youngest as well as the historical fighters still fighting— are increasingly aware of politics going beyond simple party or parliament representation. They want to get involved in changing their own reality and the world, everyday and not...

Venezuela: World Social Forum, Day 1

23 January 2006

Venepoetics translates an opinion piece by Oswaldo Barreto in which he expresses his bewilderment that fellow social activists around the world are coming to Venezuela in solidarity with Chávez while speaking out against tyranny. Katy adds on some sarcastic annotations to an O Globo introduction to the Forum. Solana Larsen...

Venezuela: World Social Forum Caracas

21 January 2006

Just in time for next week's World Social Forum, Red Pepper has posted the “WSF Caracas Survival Guide with extra tips in the comments from Caracas resident, Alessandro Parma. Solana Larsen of OpenDemocracy will also be blogging from the forum.

Global Fusion: Creating Delicious Food One Meal at the Time!

  21 January 2006

#1: Madrid Fusion My colleague Chef Elena was in Spain with three other Panamanian chefs, for the  world famous "Madrid Fusion" one week event, held in the beautiful city of Madrid. No doubt this is an incredible event. It will set the course for the emerging and extravagant cooking techniques,...

Venezuela: The Flag

18 January 2006

A.M. Mora y Leon has an entire post about the Venezuelan flag, commenting that “no one, not even north Americans or Mexicans, waves the national flag quite as intensely as Venezuelans do.” Daniel Duquenal brings up parliamentary discussion on changing the nation's flag and coat of arms. Finally, Luigino Bracci...

Biking to WSF

  16 January 2006

Colombian ecologists are riding their bikes from Pamplona (Colombia) to Caracas (Venezuela) to attend the WSF. The 8-days tour aims to promote environmentally friendly transportation.

The World Social Forum Will Be Naked

15 January 2006

A week from the opening of the Sixth World Social Forum, the Venezuelan blogosphere is not paying much attention to the event. Pro-government Aporrea blog is the only weblog publishing news about the WSF everyday. Most of such entries are quotations from the government news agency ABN. Meanwhile, the anarchist...

Venezuela: CIP Fact Finding Mission

14 January 2006

The first two days of a fact-finding mission by representatives of the Center for International Policy has been summed up in two posts at Caracas Connect. On Thursday the team met with Marina Corina Machado and Alejandro Plaz who will go on trial next Wednesday for “allegedly violating Venezuelan law...

Venezuela: Community Radio; Open Source Software

14 January 2006

Venezuelan Views, News, and Analysis covers the growing trend of low-powered, community radio in Caracas while Andrew Leonard explains the relationship between a new law mandating “that all government agencies migrate their information technology infrastructure to free, or open-source, software” and Venezuela's private oil industry. Jamais Cascio of WorldChanging also...

Guyana, Venezuela: Bad Neighbor Policy?

  13 January 2006

CaribPundit is surprised but pleased to note that Guyana's Stabroek News is “able to acknowledge that national security and democracy trumps the pleasure to be derived from a reflexive anti-Bushism”. CaribPundit quotes whole paragraphs from a Stabroek News editorial that is highly critical of the policies of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez...

Venezuela: Two Translated Op-Ed's

12 January 2006

Guillermo Parra translates an Op-Ed piece by Oswaldo Barreto from Tuesday's Tal Cual while Miguel Octavio translates an Op-Ed by Teodoro Petkoff from yesterday's Tal Cual.

Venezuela: Wikipedia Page on Chavez

11 January 2006

Taking aim at perceived partiality of the Wikipedia page on Hugo Chavez, Aleksander Boyd pastes an email conversation between himself and Wikipedia founder, Jimmy Wales beginning in March of 2004. Perhaps the most interesting quote comes from Wales who writes, “We have strict policies against political partisanship, and I am...

Venezuela: DJ Neutrino

11 January 2006

GlowMain highlights the career of (ES) Venezuelan DJ, Neutrino who made his name in the underground party scene of Caracas during the late 90's. An mp3 of a live set by Neutrino is linked to from the post.