· March, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from March, 2007

Venezuela: Food Consumption, Chavez, and Barbara Walters

  19 March 2007

Oil Wars, responding to news of food shortages in Venezuela, points out that food consumption was up 16% in 2006: “Truth be told, after noting how chubby Chavez himself appeared in the Barbra Walters interview I suspected as much.” Daniel Duquenal, meanwhile, asks, “Does Barbara Walters work for Chavez?” Find...

Haiti: Chavez Visit and the Diplomatic Dance

  16 March 2007

Anticipating Chavez's upcoming visit to Haiti, Roody Edme writes [Fr]: “His arrival requires an apt diplomatic dance… The recent American decision to list the country as a nation that might possibly benefit from the ethanol project echoes Caracas’ decision to make us benefit from the Petro-Caribe clause … While we...

Cuba, Venezuela: Castro won't stop calling Chávez

  15 March 2007

“Chávez and Castro are always on the phone (ever heard of email?). Chávez would never admit it, but I wonder if he gets tired of Fidel constantly calling,” writes Vivirlatino‘s Jennifer in the preface to a post reproducing a portion of the transcript of a telephone conversation between convalescing Cuban...

Venezuela, Bolivia: Summit of Presidents and Social Movement

  12 March 2007

As many leftist Latin American commentators insist that Bush's visit to Latin America is meant to impede regional integration, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez are organizing the “First Summit of Presidents and Social Movements” in June. A translation to English by Bolivia Rising gives more details.

Bush in Brazil and Ethanol: Blogs Report and Debate

  12 March 2007

“We have alcohol to give away and sell” – ethanol molotov for yankee target – source: CMI Brasil The quick visit of the US President George W. Bush to Brazil last week brought forth a large and diverse reaction from the local blogosphere. The protests and demonstrations on Paulista Avenue...

Guyana, Venezuela: Roraima, here I come!

  4 March 2007

At the Caribbean Beat blog, Nicholas Laughlin writes about his upcoming trip to Venezuela to climb Mount Roraima: “Pico Duarte in the Dominican Republic is taller, but for sheer quantity of myth and legend, Roraima towers up there with Everest and Kilimanjaro. Its remoteness, its breathtaking, near-vertical cliff-faces rising abruptly...