· November, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from November, 2006

Venezuela: Plagiarizing Journalist Responds

  30 November 2006

Journalist Nestor Valecillos, who had plagiarized the post of a Venezuelan blogger, emailed two [ES] of his many [ES] critics to explain himself: “Before anything else, greetings, it's important to stress the fact that we live in a society in which information is found in many and various websites, be...

Trinidad & Tobago, Venezuela: Chance meeting in Second Life

  29 November 2006

Trinidad blogger Taran Rampersad is delighted to meet a Venezuelan in Second Life: “Perhaps this is the start of a bridge across a geographic divide. So far I've met people from around the world, but there's something magical about meeting someone from right next door.”

Brazil: Post-Election Podcast

  28 November 2006

Luís Afonso Assumpção has published a podcast about his disappointment with the outcome of Brazil's latest elections and his thoughts on Latin America's current political reality.

Text Theft in Caracas

  28 November 2006

On November 17 Venezuelan architect and blogger, Guillermo Amador, jotted down a post titled “Traffic and Civilization” in which he criticized the Chief of Transit in Chacao [a neighborhood of Caracas] for claiming that the capital city's ever-worsening traffic problem had no solution. “Just because he doesn't know how to...

Latin American Election Blogging

  23 November 2006

November is quite the electoral month in what has already been a year of elections throughout the Western Hemisphere. The month has already seen the return of Sanidinista leader, Daniel Ortega to Nicaragua's presidency. The United States – condemned by many for its influence in Nicaragua's elections – shifted to...

Venezuela: Electoral Musings

  21 November 2006

Miguel Octavio pens his “Electoral Musings from Caracas, concluding that, “with two weeks left, we have a very nervous Government, with changing campaign strategies almost daily and a war of words and polls between the two sides, as well as changes in those running Chavez’ campaign. On the other side...

Venezuela: Eight Polls

  20 November 2006

Eight recent polls on Venezuela’s elections are summarized by Reste@dos [ES]. The post includes the numbers from the Welsch / Observatorio Hannah Arendt released yesterday, as well as poll numbers from Datanálisis, Hinterlaces, Evans & McDonough, Consultores 21, IVAD, CECA, Keller, and Penn, Schoen & Berland. Main points from the...

Latin America, Venezuela: Polling Wars

  17 November 2006

On top of Boz's weekly poll numbers he also ventures into the controversial territory of the Venezuela polling wars and predicts that neither Chavez nor Rosales will win over 54% of the vote. Daniel Duquenal concentrates on Venezuela's state elections and Oil Wars is skeptical of a recent poll that...

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  13 November 2006

A diverse set of Latin America's poll numbers this week from Boz including Transparency International's annual survey on perceptions of corruption. Also, Chavez up by 20 points in Venezuela and approval ratings of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet and Peruvian President Alan Garcia.

Venezuelan Oil is Red

  12 November 2006

During the last week, Venezuelan’s main topic of political conversation has been the new, fully red, fully chavista, PDVSA. The President of the Venezuelan state-owned oil company, Rafael Ramírez, called for absolute support from all workers—from top management to line of production laborers—to President Chávez’ campaign for reelection. Ramírez’ speech...

Venezuela: Rafael Ramirez's Controversial Speech

  8 November 2006

Both Tomas Sancio and Miguel Octavio have links to a video (Octavio also links to an English translation) of Minister of Energy and Oil and President of PDVSA Rafael Ramirez saying that employees of the state-owned oil company that do not support Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution are free to quit. Luigino...

Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela: Security Council Compromise

  3 November 2006

“Certain governments and institutions in the region (especially the international media) are desperate to divide the region into two camps and force everyone to choose sides,” comments Boz in a post that applauds the decision by Guatemala and Venezuela to support Panama as a compromise choice for the UN Security...

Venezuela: Vuelvan Caras

  2 November 2006

Guillermo Parra translates an Op-Ed by Elizabeth Araujo about Chavez's respect for Castro and the revamped Vuevan Caras Mission [ES].