· November, 2005

Stories about Venezuela from November, 2005

Turning Point in Venezuelan Legislative Elections

  30 November 2005

Next Sunday, December 4, is election day for Venezuelan National Assembly deputies. The electoral race had been taking place without much ado from voters, and according polls projected abstention was to be around 70%. It was going to be an easy victory for President Chávez’ twin parties. However, last week...

Venezuela: Voting Machines

29 November 2005

On Saturday, Tomas Sancio listed his concerns with voting machines that were to be used in the upcoming elections. Today Oil Wars explains that electoral authorities agreed to not use finger printing machines nor electronic voting lists. Still, several oppositions parties announced they were pulling out.

Venzuela: Pop, Diplomacy, 3rd Blog Bday, and Xmas Traditions

21 November 2005

The Devil's Excrement reviews the Caracas Pop Festival, Daniel has more on the Mexico-Venezuela diplomacy tensions, Aleksander Boyd reflects on three years of his excellent aggregation of English-stories on Venezuela, Vcrisis, just as Google News stops indexing the site. Tomas Sancio explains Christmas in Venezuela.

Venezuela: SUMATE, Economy

17 November 2005

The Devil's Excrement asks if anyone is paying attention to Sumate's lastest allegations against the Venezuelan Electoral Board while Oil Wars comments on the

Venezuela, Mexico: Severed Diplomatic Relations

  14 November 2005

The Devil's Excrement, Alex Lanz (ES), and Daniel Duquenal comment from the Venezuelan blogosphere on the recent diplomatic spat between the Venezuelan and Mexican governments while Goleech (ES), World News A La Mexicana, and Eduardo Arcos (ES) comment from Mexico.

Venezuela: Opposition and Law

9 November 2005

Oil Wars tries to figure out if the opposition in Venezuela truly wants a better legal system or is just seeking complaints against Chavez.

Venezuela: Danilo Anderson Murder Trial

8 November 2005

Leftside and Venezuela News and Views both opine on the recent indictment of seven prominent Venezuelans in the murder trial of Danilo Anderson as he was investigating the 2002 coup of Hugo Chavez. Daniel of Venezuela News and Views also links to and recommends a video of Anderson's friend, Carlos...

Venezuela: Divided Opposition Movment

4 November 2005

Francisco of Caracas Chronicles translates a column by Ibéyise Pacheco about a recent division in Venezuela's opposition between those who want to participate in December's election and those who want to abstain.

Venezuela: Looking to the Future

4 November 2005

Tomas Sancio looks ahead to the 2008 elections while Jorge Arena (very sarcastically) recommends that Chavez heads the United Nations.

Venezuela: Celebrating the White Sox

1 November 2005

Bugs’ Blog says Venezuelans are celebrating the World Series victory by the Chicago White Sox who are managed by Venezuelan-born Ozzie Guillen.