· September, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from September, 2006

Venezuela: Anti-Semitism

  27 September 2006

Daniel Duquenal posts the translation by Alexandra Beech of an article from El Diario Caracas which, according to Duquenal, “goes a long way in illustrating how silently but surely chavismo is seeding the plant of anti Semitism.”

Mexico: If Chavez Visits

  21 September 2006

Political commentator Ana Maria Salazar explains why she hopes that Hugo Chavez comes to Mexico. Also, another helpful roundup of the day's news.

Venezuela: Iria Puyosa

  15 September 2006

Before Blog Day 2006 Rebecca MacKinnon elicited responses to a series of questions regarding how and why bloggers around the world devote so much time to an activity that pays little to nothing at all. Here is how Global Voices Venezuelan contributor Iria Puyosa responded (ES). * I started my...

Venezuela: “The seams are beginning to show some rips”

  13 September 2006

Explaining the etymology of his weblog, The Devil's Excrement, Miguel Octavio lays out his theory as to why Hugo Chavez's Bolivarian Revolution is “ripping at the seams.” Oil Wars, on the other hand, cites polling numbers from Venezuelan firm Datanalysis that “show that income is rising for Venezuela’s poor majority.”

Venezuela: Rosales Rally Attacked

  8 September 2006

Miguel Octavio describes a campaign rally by opposition candidate Manuel Rosales, who according to Octavio, “attacked with rocks, bottles and bullets by a bunch of intolerant people wearing red t-shirts and distributing pamphlets with a picture of Rosales at the Miraflores Palace on April 11th. 2002, asking that the law...

Latin America: Poll Numbers

  8 September 2006

It's Friday … time to leave the office at 3 and time for Boz's weekly poll numbers. Here's a good look ahead at upcoming elections in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Venezuela: to2blogs

7 September 2006

to2blogs (todos blogs, or “all blogs”) looks like an excellent (ES) alternative (ES) to the no-longer-active Veneblogs.com (ES). The to2blogs weblog describes (ES) the project as a “vertical directory of Venezuelan blogs.”

BlogDay 2006 in Latin America

  5 September 2006

On August 31 bloggers around the world tried to make the planet a tad smaller, a wee bit more familiar, by introducing five new blogs to their readers. Here is a look at how some Latin American bloggers chose to celebrate the day. Let's start in Mexico where Ricardo Carréon,...

Cuba: Chavez visits again

  4 September 2006

Cuban television has broadcast more video of ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro being visited by his friend and ally, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela, reports Luis M. Garcia, who gleans two key messages from the footage.