· February, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from February, 2006

Venezuela, Bolivia: Latin American Conferences in US

  28 February 2006

Ben Dangl invites readers in Vermont to attend the “Winds of Change in the Americas” conference on Sunday, March 5th while Venezuelan, Miguel Octavio informs his readers of a talk by Professor Javier Corrales on “Chavez and the Rise of Competitive Authoritarianism,” which will take place in Boston tomorrow evening.

Venezuela: 17th Anniversary of Caracazo

27 February 2006

Oil Wars remembers the tragic massacre which took place 17 years ago today when “the government of Carlos Andres Perez sent the army into the streets to put down, with bullets, the huge popular protests against his stringent economic package which involved increasing fuel and transport prices.”

Venezuela: 90's Poetry and the Magic Middle

  27 February 2006

Venepoetics links to an anthology of Venezuelan poetry from the 90's. Iria Puyosa says she is little impressed by the top 100 blogs according to Technorati (ES) and is much more a fan of the “magic middle.” She offers readers her own top 25.

Venezuela: President Chavez Until 2031?

20 February 2006

Analyzing Hugo Chavez's recent proposal of amending the constitution to allow for his indefinite re-election, Oil Wars calls it a tactic to force the opposition to participate in the upcoming elections which they have threatened to boycott. Miguel Octavio, however, argues that the amendment “would essentially fulfill Chavez’ autocratic ambition...

Venezuela: Frustration and Despair

17 February 2006

While most Venezuelan bloggers lament the site outage of the directory, VeneBlogs, Miguel Octavio was full of despair and frustration on Valentine's Day as he lists nine examples of corruption and lawlessness which he says have come to define contemporary Venezuela.

Venezuela: SUMATE Trial

  13 February 2006

Miguel Octavio, Alex Beech, and Ana Julia Jatar (ES) all have something to say about the current court case against Maria Corina Machado, the director of opposition group SUMATE, who is charged with accepting a $31,000 grant from the National Endowment for Democracy.

Venezuela: Thoughts of a Visitor and Chavez vs. Blair

13 February 2006

Mary Ann Swissler posts an email by Judy Brady about her recent trip to Venezuela with the fair trade group, Global Exchange. Daniel Duquenal offers his explanation of the Hugo Chavez-Tony Blair diplomatic spat.

Venezuela: What To Do?

8 February 2006

Daniel Duquenal has an well-thought out six part series on Venezuela's future.

Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil: Everyone Loves Condoms

  8 February 2006

Risa writes about “An Interesting Proposal” made by the mayor of the Colombian town, Tulua which would “require all the residents over 14 to carry a condom with them at all times. If someone is stopped and doesn't have a condom they will be required to pay 408 pesos ($108).”...

Snapshot of Venezuela

8 February 2006

Flickr user, Ram Martinez recently uploaded this photo, “The Procession (Sea of People)” and explained the event in an informative description which I will have translated here. La Divina Pastora (The Divine Shepherdess) is one of Venezuela's most important religious icons. She is the patron saint of the city of...

Venezuela: Pro-Chavez March

7 February 2006

Both Oil Wars and Luigino Bracci Roa have pictures and analysis of Saturday's pro-Chavez march commemorating his coup attempt back in 1992. Daniel Duquenal, posting a comic, calls Chavez's recent attacks of calls for a coup hypocritical.

Latin America: New Polls

  6 February 2006

Boz has two posts summing up the latest polls throughout Latin America while Eduardo Avila looks at a new poll in Bolivia which finds overwhelming support for President Evo Morales’ plans to reduce the salaries of politicians.

Venezuela: Looking Back on Seven Years of Chavez

2 February 2006

Today marks seven years of Chavez at the helm of Venezuela. Miguel Octavio translates an op-ed by Teodoro Petkoff entitled “Seven Years of Failure,” while Oil Wars says the piece is lacking in statistical evidence.