· February, 2011

Stories about Venezuela from February, 2011

Latin America: On teleSUR's Coverage of Libya Uprising

  26 February 2011

Latin American news channel teleSUR managed earlier this week to send several journalists into Tripoli to cover the ongoing uprising in Libya. Nonetheless, its coverage, which seems quite different to the one provided by other international news media, has caught the attention of many Latin American netizens.

Venezuela: Brazilian Music in Venezuela's Web 2.0

  21 February 2011

The cultural relationship between Brazil and Venezuela is commonly seen in the way carnival is celebrated and in the high ratings Brazilian soap operas have enjoyed in Venezuela for many years. But today, through blogs, MySpace and YouTube, Venezuelan groups are sharing their arrangements and interpretations of Brazilian music.

Venezuela: Views of Caracas from the Local Blogosphere

  18 February 2011

A huge number of texts, descriptions, stories and articles have been written about Caracas; the blogosphere also plays an important role in describing the Venezuelan capital. Laura Vidal gathers bloggers who devote themselves to recounting the latest developments in the lives of the Caraqueños, some out of a desire for a better city and a love for its culture, and others from a feeling of nostalgia for the noble Caracas of times past.

Venezuela: Remembering a Historic February 14

  14 February 2011

Alejandro Tarre in Caracas Chronicles writes about February 14th 1936: “In my view, February 14th 1936 was the initial spark that marked a process of democratization without precedent in our history. Democracy might not have “flowered” that day, but it did begin to gain ground against an authoritarian inheritance of...

Venezuela: Hugo Chávez Marks 12 Years in Office

  10 February 2011

On February 2, 2011, President Hugo Chávez celebrated 12 years in power. Venezuelans have made Twitter their platform to discuss the country's situation and what for one side means 12 years of the government's mistakes, and for the other the revolution's accomplishments.

Blogger asks: “Could instability spread to Latin America?”

  1 February 2011

Considering the recent and ongoing events in Tunisia and Egypt, Bloggings by boz asks: “If it is a crisis year, what would it mean for Latin America?”. Boz goes over several points to answer this question and opens up a thread to discuss Latin American stability with readers.