· July, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from July, 2006

Martinique: Plane Crash Aftermath

  30 July 2006

Bien Vu writes (Fr):”It's been more than 8 months since 152 Martiniquans died in a crash in Maracaibo [,Venezuela]. Since then, talks at cross-purposes between the Association aux Victimes du Crash Aerien [association of victims of the aerial crash] (AVCA) and the Brazilian insurer of West Caribbean Airways who cannot...

A Big Laugh in Venezuela

  29 July 2006

Venezuelans will be holding the funniest elections in the country history. Entertainer Benjamin Rausseo, better known as Er’ Conde del Guacharo (Count of Guacharo), announced this week that he will run for President. Rausseo is Venezuela’s most popular comedian, and he has no political background. His character is a working-class...

Venezuela: El Conde del Guacharo

  27 July 2006

Both Miguel Octavio and Francisco Toro try to help their readers understand the candidacy of Benjamín Rausseo, better known as “El Conde del Guacharo.”

Venezuela: Hitch-biking

25 July 2006

David, who is riding his bike through Central and South America is now in Caracas, describes his ride through Venezuela: “Hitching with a bike turned out to be very easy – I caught 17 different rides, and my longest wait was 45 minutes. To be sure, my method was foolproof...

Venezuela, Belarus: Chavez Meets Lukashenko

  25 July 2006

Daniel Duquenal tries to make sense of Chavez's visit to Belarus where he met with Lukashenko. Duquenal also translates an excerpt about Western Hemispheric leaders from a recent interview with Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes.

Venezuela: Metro Line Number Four

20 July 2006

Caracas’ number four metro line is now in service. Oil Wars is a fan of the paint job. Huguito, who posted a couple dozen photos of the new line to his Flickr account, is happy that the stations are well marked (ES).

Venezuela: Looking Towards the Elections

  14 July 2006

Oil Wars applauds the CNE for announcing that “both the European Union and the Organization of American States will be sending observation teams to oversee the Venezuelan presidential elections this coming December 3rd.” Francisco says the opposition needs to focus on the recent increase in crime.

Barbados: PM backs Venezuela's UN bid

  11 July 2006

Linda Thompkins quotes a RadioJamaica.com report stating that Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur has decided to support Venezuela's campaign for the vacant UN Security Council Seat over Guatemala's. Among the reasons quoted: “He says it would be unethical for Barbados to side with a country that has fiercely opposed the...

Global Food Blog Report #24

  9 July 2006

#1: From Thailand, B'Tonian in Siam : Thai Food & the Market I’ve heard so many people say they love Thai food, but few can name more than a handful of Thai dishes. In actuality, there are thousands of Thai dishes and most Thais eat hundreds of different dishes yearly....

Global Food Blog Report #23

#1: From Berlin,  Delicious Days cooks up a storm and celebrates for the winning of her team Germany last Friday night: Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin! OR Finger Food for the Big Party… The many people who believed that the World Cup may have a positive effect on our...