· December, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from December, 2007

Barbados, Venezuela: Petro Caribe

  12 December 2007

As the General Manager of the Barbados National Petroleum Company makes a statement “on the ‘gift with strings’ that is Petro Caribe, Notes From The Margin says: “The truth of the matter is that Petro Caribe does NOT help the Caribbean, it is NOT in the Caribbean’s best interest.”

Venezuela: Changing Computer Clocks to Bolivarian Time

11 December 2007

Afinidades Electivas [es] provides a link to show how to change Venezuelan computers to reflect “Bolivarian Time,” which means turning back the clock one-half hour, which is a change implemented by the Venezuelan government.

Colombia: Released Videos Shows Silence From Hostages

  5 December 2007

Videos that show "proof of life" were discovered last week when 3 emissaries of the FARC terrorist group were captured. The videos contain poignant images of several of the hostages that the FARC has in their captivity. Colombian bloggers respond to the sad videos and lament their use to push political agendas and complain that the videos were not distributed earlier.

Cuba, Venezuela: The Right Reaction?

  5 December 2007

Child of the Revolution presents two opposing scenarios about Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's reaction to the defeat of his constitutional referendum.

Cuba: Venezuela Votes “No”

  3 December 2007

Child of the Revolution awaits “with great interest for the Castro regime's response” to the “No” vote against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's proposed constitutional reform.

Venezuela: Digital Communication Says Low Turnout

  2 December 2007

“Between text messages, cell phone calls, twitter and blogs, the general impression is that there are few people in the voting centers,” writes Topocho Blog [es] in reference to the Venezuela referendum turnout.