· June, 2011

Stories about Venezuela from June, 2011

Venezuela: Arguments For and Against the Smoking Ban

  19 June 2011

It is no secret that smokers and non-smokers argue over issues regarding health, air and the freedom of choice. However, many people have used different modes of citizen media to comment, protest and debate the reasons behind the Venezuelan government's recent introduction of a new anti-tobacco law, which had been repealed in February.

Venezuela's Prison Crisis

  17 June 2011

A riot on Sunday, June 12, at El Rodeo prison left at least 22 inmates killed [es], according to the government's report –other reports raise that number to 30 [es]. The Devil's Excrement, criticizes the way the Chávez administration has handled the country's prison problem, and today updates his blog...

Venezuela: Debates on Laws and Identities

  10 June 2011

May, the month of "Afro-Venezuelan" culture, ended this year with a new law against racial discrimination and a proposal to create a ministry for African descent. The news shot up largely in the Venezuelan blogosphere, as some shared opinions regarding one of the most complex and confusing aspects of the country: identity.