· September, 2005

Stories about Venezuela from September, 2005

Venzuela: Starting to Dialogue

28 September 2005

Responding to recent violations to freedom of speech in government-run media, Venezuelan bloggers have launched a collective weblog, En Diálogo [ES] (In Dialogue). The blog intends to bring people together from different political backgrounds to discuss the country's problems and put forward solutions.

Venezuela: Government Handling of Floods

23 September 2005

As Americans prepare for hurricane Rita, Venezuela News and Views takes a critical stance against how the Chavez government has handled flooding in Caracas.

Venezuela: The Censored Dossier

  22 September 2005

In Friday, Dossier was suspended. A full coverage can be found at El espacio de Lubrio. An ambiguous official statement from the Ministry of Communication and Information and VTV board of directors asks Martínez to appear before the National Attorney Office to present any charge against public administrators that he may have. The statement also warns about the obligation to obey dispositions on responsible journalism included in the Radio and Television Social Accountability Law.

Venezuela: Chavez's Speech to the UN

16 September 2005

Iria Puyosa has an excellent roundup on both weblog and mainstream media reactions to Chavez's speech at the UN – where he called for UN headquarters to be moved from New York to Jerusalem – as well as a link to the speech itself.

Venezuela: Fête de l’Humanité

14 September 2005

Hand Off Venezuela has a Venezuela-centric post on last weekend's Fête de l’Humanité, an annual Communist party, held in Paris, France.

Venezuelan Bloggers’ Views on Chavismo

12 September 2005

The Venezuelan blogosphere portrays a fairly complex political spectrum rather than the bipolar one presented by mainstream media. The conversation is becoming more inclusive, allowing escualidos1, moderate opposition, neither-nor2, chavistas light3, and extreme Bolivarians to exchange arguments and build understanding about the country’s political situation. Recently, Kira Kariakin depicted the...

Venezuela: Comparing Natural Disaster Responses

6 September 2005

Like Tomas Sancio did with the 1999 La Guaria floods, Oil Wars compares the US response to Katrina with the Venezuelan response to the February, 2005 floods of Vargas, Caracas.

Venezuelan Politics: Unnatural Disasters

2 September 2005

Tomas Sancio compares the US reaction to Hurricane Katrina with the Venezuelan reaction to the 1999 La Guaira floods. He also points out that the US government has accepted aid offered by the Venezuelan government.