· January, 2008

Stories about Venezuela from January, 2008

Venezuela: Blogger Picks Political “Oops” Moments

  23 January 2008

Venezuela faced plenty of controversies in 2007, with some of its principal political actors finding ways to stick their foots in their mouths. Blogger More Baker looks back and picks her favorite "oops" moments of 2007, with their accompanying memorable phrases.

Cuba: Elections & Ethanol

  21 January 2008

Child of the Revolution is monitoring the Cuban parliamentary elections, while The Cuban Triangle reports on “the economic collaboration between Cuba and Venezuela that resulted in an agreement yesterday for 76 projects with a $1.3 billion price tag.”

Dominica, Venezuela: Refinery Work Started?

  17 January 2008

“We had occasion to drive through Jimmit today, and traffic was being diverted by PetroCaribe signs. Can it be that construction of infrastructure for the benighted Chavez Oil Refinery has begun?” Living Dominica is stunned by the possibility.

Honduras: Cheap Oil from Venezuela

  16 January 2008

Hugo Chávez was in Honduras, and Aaron Ortiz of Pensieve hopes that the visit was only about purchasing Venezuelan oil at low prices, and not related to anything ideological.

Colombia: Uncertain Future for the Hostage Situation

  14 January 2008

In the wake of the release of two women who had been held hostage by the FARC terrorist group for 5 and 6 years, there are mixed feelings regarding the future political situation in Colombia, especially after the request by Venezuela´s President Hugo Chávez to world leaders to consider FARC an insurgent and not a terrorist group.

Brazil: Should we fear Venezuela?

  14 January 2008

"Venezuela is due to become the biggest military force in South America. Should Brazilians be worried about it? Is there any need to fear Hugo Chavez?". These were lines on a recent satire TV show in Brazil, which presented the possibility of a Venezuelan invasion in the country. "Rumour Central" was accused by many bloggers of being misleading, manipulating and of inciting hatred against Venezuela among Brazilians. Find a link to see the 8 minute show with English subtitles in this piece.

Colombia: Filmmaker Stone and the Hostages

  8 January 2008

The U.S. filmmaker Oliver Stone was on hand to document the handover of the FARC hostage, which ultimately failed. Constanza Vieira of Heavy Metal Colombia [es] discusses Stone's presence.