· July, 2011

Stories about Venezuela from July, 2011

Venezuela's Football Team and Unity: A Partisan Talking Point?

  21 July 2011

“The lazy point to make about La Vino Tinto’s [Venezuela's football team] exhilarating run at the Copa América this year is that it’s a rare, exciting moment of National Unity – fútbol as the one last bastion of non-polarization in a politically fractured nation” writes Francisco Toro in Caracas Chronicles;...

Venezuela: 200 Years of Independence

  12 July 2011

During the week of July 5, Venezuela celebrated 200 years of independence from Spain. Diverse participation was seen online; congratulations, cheerful comments and videos of dances, parades and concerts were shown. Nevertheless, the division of political opinions continued, and many bloggers took to the occasion to share reflections about history and identity.

Videos: Tortillas, Chapatis, Bread and More Around the World

  11 July 2011

Most cultures accompany their meals with a grain based product; bread, flatbreads and steamed buns are part of people's meals in many places of the world. Today we visit artisans and cooks to see how they prepare and make the food that feeds them and their families.

Latin America: Blogging About the ‘2011 Copa América’

  7 July 2011

Blogger ‘Marsares’ is covering the 2011 Copa América for equinoXio [es], providing analysis about each football game. Argentina (the host), Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela are participating in this edition of the South American football tournament.

Venezuela: Reflecting on the Future

  4 July 2011

Several bloggers like ‘Caracas Gringo’, Alejandro Tarre [es] and Miguel Octavio have reflected about Venezuela's future after President Hugo Chávez revealed he was undergoing cancer treatment.