· January, 2007

Stories about Venezuela from January, 2007

Venzuela: Translations from Spanish

  30 January 2007

Guillermo Parra of Venepoetics has published a slew of recent translations including Eduardo Vásquez's “Postmodernity Once Again,” which proposes two distinct foundations for Chavez's so-called “21st Century Socialism.” Parra also introduces his readers to award-winning poet and novelist Alberto Barrera Tyszka whose biography of Hugo Chavez will be published in...

Chavez Plans to Revoke Station's Broadcast License in Venezuela

  26 January 2007

Los Amigos Invisibles con Patricia [at RCTV] by Alfredo Izaguirre F. Hugo Chavez, shortly after his re-election in December for a term of 6 more years of governance, announced that the license of a television channel, whose editorial line tends toward opposition, will not be renewed. Channel RCTV, with 52...

Brazilian Blogs on Chávez, Lula and the Mercosur Summit

  19 January 2007

Presidents from most South American countries are gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a meeting of the Mercosur trading group, and Hugo Chavez is again the attention drawer. Local bloggers have been substantially posting about the Venezuelan president since he announced the move to cancel the broadcasting license to (TV...

Venezuela: Nationalization of CANTV and Caracas Electricity

  10 January 2007

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was sworn in on Monday, laying out an ambitious plan to speed up and strengthen his “socialist revolution.” (Video in Spanish here) Daniel Duquenal, however, labels Chavez's “21st Century Socialism” “Rehashed Communism” and looks at what the nationalization of CANTV and Electricidad de Caracas could mean...

Venezuela: Busca en Polis

  5 January 2007

Iria Puyosa presents [ES] Polis Venezuela [ES], a customized Google Co-Op search engine which searches through 25 Venezuelan weblogs that discuss politics.

Venezuela: Cabinet Shake-up

  5 January 2007

Hugo Chavez announced that Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel will be replaced by former President of the Electoral Board, Jorge Rodriguez. Miguel Octavio says the decision is “another sign that the revolution is about to deepen and will be more radical.” Alex Beech is astonished by the appointment, adding that...

Venezuela: Los Roques en el New York Times

  4 January 2007

Sebastian Delmont, a Venezuelan living in New York, was pleasantly surprised by a New York Times article [ES] about the archipelago of Los Roques, which he describes as “one of the most beautiful places in Venezuela.”