· October, 2006

Stories about Venezuela from October, 2006

Hugo Chavez in the Iranian left-wing blogs

  31 October 2006

Hugo Chavez, the leftist Venezuelan President, has developed a very friendly relationship with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Islamist President. Iran even awarded the Venezuelan President its highest state medal for supporting Tehran in its nuclear standoff against the international community. This alliance was discussed a couple of months ago among...

Venezuelan Bloggers: A Lot More Than Politics

  28 October 2006

Regular readers of the Global Voices “daily links” coming out of Venezuela are probably left with the impression that – just a month from presidential elections – the entire country, or at least its bloggers, are single-mindedly focused on politics. And while that may be understandably true of Venezuela's anglophone...

Venezuela: Interview with Alek Boyd

  23 October 2006

Daniel Duquenal interviews Alek Boyd, who left his career and political activism in the UK to follow Manuel Rosales’ opposition campaign and cover its daily progress at Vcrisis.

Bolivia: Border Military Bases and Internal Conflicts

  23 October 2006

The treaty between Bolivia and Venezuela to build military facilities on the borders with Paraguay, Chile, Perú, and Brasil is being discussed in political blogs from Perú and Chile. Chilean conservative bloggers writing at El Rincón de Michelle [ES] agree that the treaty should be regarded as evidence of Venezuelan...

Venezuela: Meaning of Security Council Vote

  20 October 2006

Caracas Chronicles on what the UN Security Council vote is really all about: “Those of us focused on Venezuelan affairs will tend to examine the UN Security Council election this week for clues about Chavez's international standing. Probably, though, the vote tells us more about the way the world's governments...

Venezuela: What Might a Rosales Government Look Like?

  14 October 2006

Francisco Toro imagines what a Manuel Rosales administration might look like, should he beat Hugo Chavez in the upcoming elections. Likely scenarios in “an institutional environment dominated entirely by chavista appointees” all look pretty grim, especially if the leader of the opposition is none other than Chavez himself.

Venezuela: “Mi Negra” Racist?

  12 October 2006

Miguel Octavio shares some interesting thoughts on the intersection of race, politics, and language in Venezuela's heated presidential campaign. The debate stems from Hugo Chavez calling the “Mi Negra” debit card proposal of Manuel Rosales racist. Octavio writes: ” I listen to this and have to wonder what my cousin...

Venezuela: Opposition Rally

  9 October 2006

The established triumvirate of Venezuelan, opposition, English-language bloggers each give their own account of this weekend's rally in support of opposition candidate Manuel Rosales: Daniel Duquenal, Miguel Octavio, and Alek Boyd.

Venezuela: Its Own Playboy

  6 October 2006

Venezuela became the fourth Latin American country to claim its own version of Playboy on Tuesday. The Venezuelan model, Jennifer Rodriguez, adorns the first issue's cover says Huguito [ES].

Venezuela: Book Review: Venezuela in Debt by Jose Guerra

  5 October 2006

Miguel Octavio reviews the book “Venezuela in Debt” by Jose Guerra, which according to Octavio, “draws parallels to the Presidency of Carlos Andres Perez (CAP) to that of Hugo Chavez, exploring the contradictions and similarities between the two periods.”

Venezuela: Photoblogging the Campaign Season

  4 October 2006

A war of political photoblogging has emerged in Venezuela's blogosphere. Alek Boyd photographs supporters of opposition candidate Manuel Rosales and asks, “Did these Venezuelans agree to subsidize London's transport system?” Katy from Caracas Chronicles continues her documentation of government-funded campaigning. Finally, pro-government blogger Dan Burnett says that the Rosales opposition...