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Stories about Brazil from September, 2010

Brazil: Mainstream media flaw on Senator's life condition

  26 September 2010

The politician Romeu Tuma [pt], a candidate for reelection in the Brazilian Senate, was wrongly announced dead by national mainstream media on September 24, “despite the fact he's alive, although, at the hospital”, as Pierre Lucena from blog Acerto de Contas [Getting even, pt] comments.

Brazil: Monitoring the Reform of a Park in Sao Paulo

  24 September 2010

Though September 21 is a national day to celebrate trees in Brazil, SOS Parque Água Branca [SOS White Water Park, pt] blog called it the “Day of the Dead Tree” this year, criticizing the implementation of a reform project to this green area in the city of Sao Paulo where...

Brazil: Real Estate Speculation Threats the Cerrado

  20 September 2010

Real state speculation is taking over Brazil and sparking a debate on the environmental and social impact of the ever growing construction sector. In Brasilia, the modern capital of Brazil, this debate involves indigenous rights and the destruction of the Savannah, known as Cerrado.

Brazil: World's Largest Graffiti Inaugurated

  18 September 2010

Brazil's President Lula da Silva inaugurated the world's largest graffiti at over 37 000 square feet in the area of Foz do Iguaçu. This area; famous for the Iguaçu falls and the triple border where Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina meet will now be home to a decorated highway honouring children and teenager's rights.

Brazil: Jornal do Brasil Quits Print and Goes Online

  16 September 2010

Jornal do Brasil (JB), one of the country's oldest and most symbolical newspapers, gave up its printed edition in the end of August and is now distributed exclusively online. Bloggers are talking about JB's rise and fall, telling episodes of its history and discussing the future of media.

Brazil: Story of a Free Store and Ethonomia

  14 September 2010

João Perdigão tells the story of Loja Grátis [Free Store, pt] in Belo Horizonte, a place where “anyone can take something away and not necessarily leave something in exchange”. Brazilian artist Junia May, says that exchange practices reflect a new economic awareness, and introduces the concept of ethical economy, or...

Brazil: Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden under Discussion

  11 September 2010

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, “one of the most beautiful and best preserved green areas in the city”, has been under political and social discussion between the Government and families that live within the area. Today, besides the old legal fight about the ownership of the land, Rio de Janeiro's...

Brazil: The Political Spectrum of Narcotics

  10 September 2010

On Futepoca [pt] blog, Anselmo debates over the possibility of a political spectrum of narcotics. He quotes a cartoonist who believes that “marijuana is left-winger and cocaine is right-winger”.

Brazil: Independence Day and East Timorese Self Determination

  10 September 2010

“To talk about Brazil, I chose East Timor”, wrote [pt] Leonardo Sakamoto, on the 188th anniversary of the Brazilian “political independence”, September 7. He talks about dignity and self-determination, while reflecting on the lessons learnt from the recent history of East Timor, that voted for independence in a popular referendum in August 1999.

Getting to Know the Global Voices Latin America Team

  8 September 2010

The Global Voices Latin America team of volunteer authors has grown over the past three years. During this transition and the presentation of a new Regional Editor, Silvia Viñas, let's take a look at the diverse community of committed bloggers from this region.

Brazil: “Do It Yourself” Clean Elections

  8 September 2010

In less than one month there will be elections in Brazil and Eleitor 2010 has already became a game-changer: it is a "crowdsourcing" project aiming to facilitate citizen reports of abuses of the electoral process. Through the platform, some entertaining anecdotes have already come to light.

Brazil: Net Neutrality or Diversity in Jeopardy

  2 September 2010

Blogger Paulo Teixeira writes about the history and value of net neutrality while opposing to Google-Verizon's “jeopardy deal”. He explains how Internet as we know it promotes creativity and cultural diversity, and calls readers to become active on defeating the increased power of big corporations.

Brazil: Transparent Copyright Legal Consultation

  2 September 2010

The deadline for submission of proposals and suggestions [pt] by Brazilian citizens concerning the reform of copyright law ended on August 31st. The online public consultation was hacked in a blog for transparency [pt] which illustrates the results.

Brazil: Fighting Back the Digital Crimes Bill

  1 September 2010

João Carlos Caribé warns internet users that there is another move by the Brazilian Congress to pass the Digital Crimes Bill. He calls a blogging carnival and Twitter campaign [pt] to fight back the bill as part of the Mega Não movement.

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