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Stories about Brazil from March, 2007

Jamaica: African/Brazilian Connection

  30 March 2007

Geoffrey Philp's Blogspot covers Joel Gondim's presentation “Color, Identity, and Candomblé in Brazil,” in which he explores how the African connection to Brazil manifests itself in food, music, and religion.

Brazil: Women's Petition for a ‘Right to Respond’

  19 March 2007

In order to fulfill Global Voices’ mission regarding neglected media visibility of specific groups we will focus today on a Brazilian contingent which now complains of having had — along with local big media’s complicity — it’s own annual moment of expression and manifestation snatched by the recent visit of the US president to Brazil. George W. Bush’s choice of March 8 as the start of what became known as the ‘ethanol visit‘ to Brazil ended up scrambled with the time when Brazilian Women’s Movements expect to have their voices heard by the society as a whole.

Brazil: Hip Hop and Education

  15 March 2007

On a program by Brazil's Ministry of Culture to use hip hop as a way to keep kids in school, Made in Brazil writes: “I had not read about the program before even though it was conceived by minister of Culture Gilberto Gil in 2003, but I highly agree that...

Bush in Brazil and Ethanol: Blogs Report and Debate

  12 March 2007

“We have alcohol to give away and sell” – ethanol molotov for yankee target – source: CMI Brasil The quick visit of the US President George W. Bush to Brazil last week brought forth a large and diverse reaction from the local blogosphere. The protests and demonstrations on Paulista Avenue...

Brazil/US: Information about the New Ethanol Alliance

  11 March 2007

Raul Zibechi published an informative analysis about the US / Brazil New Ethanol Alliance, calling it ‘the most ambitious attempt to reposition the US in the region since the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas died in Mar del Plata in November of 2005′. Posted on the IRC website, translated...

Bush Arrives to Protests in Sao Paulo; Uruguay Gets Ready

  9 March 2007

Brazilian photoblogger Tatiana Cardeal was more prepared with her lens than São Paulo's Military Police Force was for the protests against US President George Bush's visit. The photograph's caption: São Paulo's Military Police Force yesterday, who decide to explode gas bombs in a crowd of almost 10.000 people at the...

Brazil, Kenya: World Social Forum

  7 March 2007

Brazilian photographer Tatiana Cardeal was at the seventh World Social Forum in Nairobi, Kenya, where she captured this incredible photograph of children playing in Kibera.

Brazil: Rolling Stone and the Marketing Hackers

  4 March 2007

One of the more dynamic segments in the Brazilian blogosphere is that of the marketing blogs. Stirred by a local advertising industry that regularly tops the most prestigious creative awards, and by the promise of interesting job posts at the big agencies, many young talented internauts are exploring blogging tools...

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