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Brazil: Visible and Invisible Indians and Scoops

  31 May 2008

Brazilian Indians were in the spotlight of world media this week. From the images of an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon, to the enraged protest caught on camera against the building of dams along the Xingu River in the Amazon basin where an official of Brazil’s national electric company got slashed by traditional machetes and clubs.

Brazil: PeBodyCount joins Brazilian Disarmament Network

  31 May 2008

PEBodyCount blog [pt] is now officially a member of the “Brazilian Disarmament Network”, which brings together more than 40 entities. “The network will stimulate and strengthen the idea that carrying guns is risky and, hence, handing them over is better than registering them.” Also check out these t-shirts, that have...

Brasil: Introducing the Bloguecast

  31 May 2008

Technology that brings people and generations together and censorship were among the themes of the first edition of Bloguecast, a podcast promoted by BlogueIsso [pt]. “The idea is to make a episode per week, perhaps not as long, with an improved edition by the experience. Listen, join the fun and...

Brazil: Struggling to deliver the deeper messages

  30 May 2008

“It's incredibly interesting to see how differently the same event can be reported. That was certainly the case last week when the Indians gathered to protest the building of dams along the Xingu River in the Amazon basin”. Lou Gold takes a look at the Brazilian mainstream media and compares...

Brazil: Can the Amazon problem be solved with new management?

  24 May 2008

Changing the command in a Brazilian Ministry used to be a domestic affair, but the resignation of the renowned rainforest defender Marina Silva from the Environmental Ministry has sparked global reactions. Ms. Silva's replacement was quickly announced by President Lula, through the designation of Carlos Minc, former environmental secretary of...

Saramago's reaction at the lauch of Blindness, the film

  23 May 2008

Bárbara Axt [pt] publishes a spot on video showing Jose Saramago‘s reaction just after watching Blindness, an adaptation of his book by Brazilian Fernando Meirelles, which was launched the Cannes film festival on Wednesday. “I am so happy to watch this film… as I was when I finished writing the...

Brazil: Promoting the country's fine art

  23 May 2008

Guilherme Montana [pt] starts a new series of posts about Brazilian fine art. “The first artist to be honored in this rudimentary humbly artifact of online publication is one that lives and paints the Central West area. His name is Humberto Espíndola, and the picture is Bovinocultura V – Boi-Águia,...

Brazil: Images of the ‘Invisible Indians’ in the Amazon

  23 May 2008

Altino Machado presents pictures [PT] of what could be the last isolated ethnic group in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest, the so called ‘Invisible Indians’. The pictures were taken from a plane by José Carlos dos Reis Meirelles Jr., coordinator of FUNAI's [Brazilian National Indian Foundation] Ethno-environmental Protection Front, in the...

Brazil: Investigating bloggers motivations

  19 May 2008

Raquel Recuero [pt] is investigating the Brazilian blogosphere to assert “the motivations that people have to “pass on” any particular piece of information and how those motivations influence the way in which the social network “echoes” the same information”.

Brazil: Making your blog speak tongues

  17 May 2008

Tiago Dória [pt] tips bloggers about Der Mundo, a multilingual publishing tool for blogs whose “idea is to follow a hybrid model in which machine and the readers themselves translate”. The Brazilian blogger remarks that besides culture differences, the language barrier is still a conversation stopper in the web.

Brazil: Brazilian Network of Virtual Memory

  17 May 2008

Marcos Palacios [pt] brings the news of a project that aims to automate and make available online collections of all national institutions which have a visual or textual heritage. “The Brazilian Network of Virtual Memory is a project that concerns all of us. And it depends on our support and...

Brazil: The prohibited march that keeps marching

  16 May 2008

This year's edition of the Marijuana March was prohibited by courts in 9 capital cities across the country due to allegations of illegal promotion of drug use. The theme provoked responses by many local bloggers, and the reactions to the prohibition keep echoing around the Brazilian web.

Brazil: Are you watching PangeaDay?

  11 May 2008

Ricardo Jordão Magalhaes [pt] has a long and wonderful roundup of PangeaDay's the best moments. “Man, if you read my post all the way through, do your bit, band together, help people, help to put an end to the world's poverty, the indifference of those mediocre ones who live in...

Musical instruments from around the world

  11 May 2008

Videos with interesting instruments from different corners of the world, including some made from recycled cans and plastic sodabottles, a record of how didgeridoos are made, and a Russian folk song on a hurdy gurdy.

Brazil: Change yourself the media focus

  9 May 2008

Guilherme Felitti [pt] has some good tips for those who wish to take part of the Reporter Blogger [pt] experiment or want to experiment with Citizen Media. “Remember that, be you a journalist or a blogger, you are committed to telling your readers a story as close to as possible...

Brazil: A chat about blogs and journalism

  8 May 2008

Mario Amaya [pt] talks about how the mainstream media has adapted itself to the Internet, transition from paper to digital, advantages of blogging, and the Brazilian blogosphere in preparation for his piece for Palavra na Tela 2008 (Word on the Screen) [pt], a special chat about Blogs and Journalism hosted...

Brazil and Orkut: made for each other?

  8 May 2008

Orkut, Google's experiment on Social Networking Services, is extremely popular in Brazil. More than 53% of Orkut users is Brazilian -- even more, if you take into account the Brazilian's profiles that don't show their country information and the profiles of Brazilians living abroad -- and more than 70% percent of Brazil's Internet users are actually profiled and active in the network. Daniel Duende takes a look on what are all these Brazilians doing there.

Brazil: Lady bloggers meeting

  8 May 2008

Lucia Freitas [pt] is organizing a BlogCamp for Brazilian women bloggers. “Our idea is to bring together what I feel to be a ‘silent majority’ on the blogosphere, a while before BlogCamp Brazil”, she explains in another blog. Right now there is a poll to choose a name for the...

Brazil: WordPress amends T&Cs and avoids blanket ban

  6 May 2008

Renata Solano [pt] welcomes the news that the blogging platform WordPress has made a change on its Terms and Conditions in order to avoid a blanket ban in Brazil. The new line added in the 2nd section covers the court decision by banning blog clones: By making Content available, you...

Brazil: 14 years without Ayrton Senna

  1 May 2008

Thales Barreto [pt] reminds readers that 14 years ago today Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian racing driver and triple Formula One world champion, was dying in a fatal accident in at Imola. “Character, dedication, solidarity, energy, pride. I easily associate Senna's image with some of these words. He had a head...

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