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Stories about Brazil from June, 2008

Brazil: The Black President Before Obama

  17 June 2008

The sweeping Obama phenomenon has caught Brazil, and it comes as no surprise in the country with the world's largest population of African descendants. An especially notable thread is the one reporting on the resurgence of a weirdly interesting 1928 Brazilian sci-fi novel — ‘The Black President' — that predicted a US election matching a black, a feminist, and a conservative candidate in the then remote year of 2228.

Brazil: World (not) Naked Bike Ride

  15 June 2008

In the Brazilian version of the World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR), in São Paulo, nudism was ruled out: “According to the a lieutenant who was patrolling the demonstration, the order was to arrest anybody who displays their genitalia. In other words, it is fine to protest… but not naked. The funny...

Brazil: Judges can't tell YouTube from U2

  12 June 2008

The Brazilian Superior Electoral Court held yesterday a session to conclude the resolution regulating the use of the Internet in the 2008 local elections campaign later this year. According to Judge George Marmelstein, who watched the session in person, "Youtube was turned into U2" by the ill-informed judges in charge.

Brazil: Top ten misconceptions about the country

  10 June 2008

“Gringos, in particular Americans, often know very little about Latin America and maintain grossly stereotypical misconceptions of Latin American countries, especially Brazil”, Rachel, an American living in Rio de Janeiro, lists the top ten misconceptions about the country.

Do not let poverty become the landscape

  10 June 2008

Kianda (from Angola) and Khanimambo! (from Brazil) are some of the blogs participating in an across-borders blog campaign: “Do not let poverty become the landscape”, conceived by Isto inclui-me (This Includes Me, from Portugal) [pt – all links].

Brazil: Reporting the city

  8 June 2008

The Blog da Cidade [City Blog] project is a initiative designed to provide a collaborative platform for propagation of useful information to residents and visitors of several Brazilian cities. Each city will have a blog maintained by an open group of collaborators. Would you want to participate? Please contact us”,...

Rio Fashion Week brings recycling to the catwalk

  6 June 2008

Fashion Rio 2009, in Brazil, begins tomorrow through 13th. “This year, the main catwalk's topic is recycling, and with the theme “Rethink, Recycle, Renew” the organization aims to show that the industry is aware of these issues – despite encouraging the annual renovation of wardrobe”, Thiago Velloso [pt] points out.

Brazil: Taking the piss of election regulations

  6 June 2008

Rodrigo Alvares [pt] publishes an amusing picture of a banner in support of Ivan, The Terrible for São Paulo's council. Note the mention of Orkut, YouTube and other social media tools. With heavy sarcasm, because of the latest developments of elections regulations that saw bloggers having to delete banners, the...

Ecuador: The Amazon Tribes Vs. Big Oil

  4 June 2008

A rekindled interest in the richness of the Amazon is one of the results of recently distributed photograph showing members of an uncontacted tribe in the Brazilian Amazon shooting arrows at the photographer's airplane which surfaced on the Internet on May 23rd. However, to some organizations, the Amazon has never been far from their minds, and today we´ll see some videos brought by Amazon Watch, some which were showcased on Witness' The Hub editorial section.

A chat with portuguese speaker bloggers

  3 June 2008

Agry [pt] starts a series of interviews with the female Portuguese speaker bloggers on his blogroll, people who  show a commitment to promote their people's history, culture and hopes. The series starts with Brazilian economic consultant Milu Duarte, from Blog da Milu [pt].

Brazil: First blog falls victim to electoral law

  1 June 2008

The Rio de Janeiro Electoral Court demanded this week that Brazilian bloggers deleted banners they had published in support of their candidate for the Rio Mayoral 2008 elections - or the candidate would have his candidacy banned. Bloggers reacted strongly to it and may now say that they were victorious in this battle against censorship.

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